• Trim Musical Society
    2 September 2015
    Practice, practice, practice!

    We hope you're all ready for the 30th Concert Auditions on Thursday 3rd of September! Time slots are up on the page for any of you who havn't seen it yet and the members will more than likely be staying around for a couple of hot chocolates so make sure to join us in the Castle Hotel bar after your audition!


    See you there! 

  • Trim Musical Society
    20 November 2011
    Sweeney Todd Rehearsal Schedule with Graham

    Hi Folks,

    Please find below rehearal schedule for Sweeney Todd rehearsals with Graham between now and the Christmas break.

    Be advised that these are only Graham's calls and that Alan/Grace may arrange other rehearsals.

    All rehearsals will take place in Trim Castle Hotel unless otherwise advised.



    Monday 21st November

    7pm: Kevin F

    8pm: Chorus


    Tuesday 22nd November

    8pm: Gwen

    9pm: Ray


    Monday 28th November

    7pm: Soloists TBA

    8pm: Chorus


    Tuesday 29th November

    8pm: Ronan

    9pm: Ray & Gwen


    Thursday 1st December

    8pm: Craig

    9pm: Danielle


    Monday 5th December

    8pm: Chorus

    9pm: Soloists TBA


    Tuesday 6th December

    8pm: Kevin F & Ray

    9pm: Ronan & Ray


    Wednesday 7th December

    8pm: Danielle & Craig


    Monday 12th December

    8pm: Chorus

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  • Trim Musical Society
    18 September 2011
    Sweeney Todd Audition Pieces

    Sweeney Todd

    Audition Songs





    Sweeney Todd

    #16 Pretty Women

    #18 A Little Priest

    Mrs. Lovett

    #3 Worst Pies in London

    #5 Poor Thing

    #23 Not while I'm around 


    #6 Green Finch & Linnet Bird 

    #27a Searching


    #7 Ah, Miss 

    #8 Johanna

    Beggar Woman

    #7 Ah, Miss

    #20 Johanna (page 249/250, 254-256 "City on Fire" section)

    Judge Turpin

    #16 Pretty Women

    Beadle Bamford

    #14 Ladies in their Sensitivities

    #15 Kiss Me


    #19 God, That's Good

    #23 Not while I'm around


    #9a Pirelli's Entrance

    #10 The Contest


    There are many solo singing parts to be cast from other actors - these will also be cast from those who audition.  


    PS:  There is no need to audition to be in the chorus... only if you want one of the many solo line.

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  • Trim Musical Society
    10 January 2011
    Upcoming Events for TMS 2011

    Social drink after rehearsal, Wednesday 9th Feb

    Girls & Guys Night out - 18th Feb

    Auction - 25th Feb, Brogans

    Race Night - 16th Mar


    25th Anniversary Ball - 26th March, Trim Castle Hotel


    Don't forget membership due ASAP: €70 for single, €50 for student, €100 for family

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  • Trim Musical Society
    7 January 2011
    Trim Musical Society Soccer Blitz

    Trim Musical Society are planning a Soccer Blitz to be held probably around the first or second week in February on a Saturday or Sunday in Trim's Aura Centre on the astro turf pitches.  The plan is a number of five a sides to form a mini tournament.  Anybody who is interested in playing is welcome and teams can even represent a group (eg. Trim Group, Townies, Cultchies).  Each player will have a sponsorship card to fill out as best as they can before the day and there may even be a form of bet taking place on the tournament, depending on the turn out!  All we ask now is whether you would be interested in taking part, just so that we have a rough idea of numbers! Please contact Craig Regan ( if you are interested ;)

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  • Trim Musical Society
    6 December 2010

    It’s fun, fun, fun for all in the castle where lies the Sleeping Beauty.  This year’s Musical Society Pantomime SLEEPING BEAUTY takes place in Trim Town Hall starting Wednesday the 8th of December to Sunday the 12th 8pm nightly Wednesday to Saturday and matinees on Saturday and Sunday at 3pm.  (No 8pm show)


    We always keep our promise when we say "it's going to be the best one yet" (Oh yes it will!!).  There is a medley of mad cap characters in this year’s pantomime directed by Helen Mc Hugh with Joanne Kennedy as choreographer and written by Gareth Mahony.


    The pantomime story is set in the castle of Sleeping Beauty played by Emma Stowe with Padraic Loughran as the Narrator.  There's The Dame "Daisy Do a Lot " played by Gareth Mahony  who has the "hots" for the Butler  "Bertie Bottlewasher" (Kevin Martin). Will she wooooo him?  She's going to try.  You know the old saying "The way to a man's heart"?  There are the Dames two sons "Odz and Endz" played by Craig Regan and Eoin Kenny who are the "Jedward" influence in the pantomime.  They may be needed in the haunted bedroom to get rid of a few ghosts (nothing tooooo scary!!).  There are two Fairy Godmothers Louise Cassidy and Bernadette Walsh "Fairy Cakes and Fairy Liquid" (any Beauty can have one ours is very special with two).  "Medusa the Magnificent" is played by Mary Murphy who is the bad fairy.  Her monkey "Ugg" is played by Luke French. "The King" of the Castle is Richard Harrahill ( well known in Macra and G.A.A. circles - Yes that's the fellow) who thinks he is Elvis and his good lady wife "The Queen" is Ann O' Sullivan who has on an occasion gone so far as to fall off the stage for her art (we mention that every year - she is a stage hero).  Last but not least is the " Prince Charming" or Shane Fox who will wake the Princess from her sleep.  (Not bad sleeping for 100 years and still looking Good)!  All this makes way for a fun for all good old fashioned "Panto"


    There are loads of current jokes and gags to have you roar laughing which is allowed at all Trim Pantomimes while songs like "Under Pressure", "I just haven't met you yet" "Bad Romance", "Top of the World" and many more to have you singing too.  Oh we wish it was December the 8th and so do our Stageschool members or "STAGECRAFT" who have been rehearsing for weeks.  They get to sing and dance their way through the Pantomime.  They have the "AH FACTOR" when it comes to pantomimes.  They range in ages from 5 to 16 and the numbers get greater every year as do they.


    "SLEEPING BEAUTY"  8TH TO THE 12TH DECEMBER.  Tickets are now on sale in An Troman in Market Street or Siopa an Caislean opposite the Town Hall or by ringing THE BOOKING LINE - 086 0870713 to secure a ticket.  Tickets for the matinees are beginning to sell up so book now to avoid disappointment.  There are ONLY SIX PERFORMANCES the tickets are 12euro with reduced rates for over 8 people.  Tell your friends it’s this year’s laugh a minute pantomime and where better than in Trim with Trim Musical Society CELEBRATING 25 YEARS.


    Don't forget the Focus colouring competition.  You could win tickets for you and your family to see the pantomime "SLEEPING BEAUTY". 

    Enquiries / Bookings 086-0870713

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  • Trim Musical Society
    1 December 2010

    "Sleeping Beauty" starts in Trim on Wednesday the 8th of December to Saturday the 11th 8pm nighly with matinees Sat.11th & Sun. 12th @ 3pm .


    The tale of "Sleeping Beauty" in a classic panto setting is Trim's answer to any post budget blues.  This fun for all ages "Panto" has a medley of characters.  Emma Stowe plays the dream part of "Sleeping Beau...ty" with Shane Fox as "Prince Charming"; "Bertie Bottlewasher" the Butler or Kevin Martin well known in Trim Drama and Musical Society circle makes his debut in pantomime; "Daisy Does a Lot" the pantomime Dame will be played by Gareth Mahony writer of this year's pantomime; "Medusa the Magnificent" the bad fairy is Meath County Council Executive Librarian Mary Murphy doing a fine "Lady Ga-Ga" impersonation with "Ugg" the monkey or Luke French by her side.  Panto "showstoppers" Craig Regan and Eoin Kenny are the Dames two twin Sons "Oddz and Endz".  This hilarious "Ghostbusting" duo are looking scarily like the Jedward twins with water pistols at the ready for all bad bankers, politicians and false expense claimers.  Padraic Loughran is the Pantomime Narrator, Louise Cassidy and Bernadette Walsh the "Good Fairygodmothers", Richard Harrahill and Ann O'Sullivan are "The King" who thinks he is Elvis and Queen.


    "Sleeping Beauty" has its very own amazing cast from "Stagecraft" and "Stagecraft Plus" the Musical Society Stageschool.  Over 100 children ranging in ages from four to sixteen will take part with songs from "Take That, Dolly Parton, Elvis, Jedward, Lady Ga-Ga, Michael Buble and more.  There are 22 dancers costumed and specially designed by Debbie Walsh and her team adding to the glitz and glamour of a traditional Christmas Pantomime with local and current gags, custard pies and a haunted bedroom.  A post budget take on "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is sure to give a laugh or two and much more to get the Christmas season off to a special start for all in Trim.


    "Sleeping Beauty" is directed by Helen McHugh and choreographed by Joanne Kennedy.


    Tickets are now on sale in Siopa an Caislean and An Troman (both in Trim) or telephone the BOOKING LINE on 086 - 0870713 to secure tickets . There are only 6 performances and tickets are selling fast at the budget price of E12 or E10 for groups of 8 and over...

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  • Trim Musical Society
    18 November 2010
    Panto Rehearsal Schedule

    Sunday 21st: 5.40pm for ALL - Gael Scoil

    Monday 22nd: Singing rehearsal for principles- time to be decided on sun at rehearsals - Town Hall

    Tuesday: 8.15pm All cast - Town Hall... NO scripts (Shane Fox singing rehearsal after this)

    Sunday 28th: 7pm sharp for all in Town Hall. Full run. definately no scripts - or Helen will kill you all!!!


    Monday: TBC

    Tuesday: 8.15pm Town Hall

    Wednesday: 8pm Town Hall

    Sunday 5th: 2 Full runs with 2 casts of kids - times to be confirmed

    Monday 6th: Tech Run

    Tuesday 7th: Dress Rehearsal

    Wednesday 8th - 12th SHOWTIME!

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  • Trim Musical Society
    2 November 2010
    Directions to Knightsbridge

    Knightsbridge Retirement Village, Trim, Co Meath

    On the R160 Longwood Road

    We rehearse in the Village Hall.



    To get into the village hall, go straight into Knightsbridge until you come to a closed gate.  You will need to go over to the path on right hand side and dial 200 to reach reception and advise you are with the musical society.  They will then let you in.  Follow road round and parking is beside Village Hall.  Any problems please call 086 087 0713.

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  • Trim Musical Society
    1 November 2010
    Cast for Crazy For You 2011

    Bobby Child - Craig Regan

    Bela Zangler - Niall Dempsey

    Lank Hawkins - Frank O'Reilly

    Everett Baker - Cormac O'Reilly


    Polly Baker - Louise Cassidy

    Irene Roth - Jenny Seery

    Eugene Fodor - Richard Harrahill

    Patricia Fodor - Edel Murray

    Mother - Gwen Bagnell



    Tess - Helen McHugh

    Patsy - Joanne Barry

    Mitzi - Ann O'Sullivan

    Yvonne McKeown

    Emma Stowe

    Joanne Kennedy

    Erin Kenny

    Grace Collander



    Eoin Kenny

    Dean Hosie

    Bob Pop

    Mark Ryan

    Sean Doyle

    Sean Flanagan

    Shane Fox

    Brian Flynn

    Colin Kelly

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