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Ugg Boots Are Most-Searched Black Friday 2013 Fashion Item

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Did you get what you wanted this Black Friday?

If you answered yes, then you might have a brand new pair of Ugg boots.

Yep, the sheepskin shoes ranked among the top five most-searched for items on Google Shopping on the discount-hunting day—and that's counting all categories, including the popular electronics one that drives much of the Black Friday frenzy.

And when it came to the fashion category, the fleece-lined boots, which became trendy in the late ‘90s, came in at number one midday Friday. So much for the hot over-the-knee boots that designers sent down fall runways! 

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Britney Spears

AKM Images / GSI Media

But seeing as The North Face and Nike Air Jordan Retro sneakers also nabbed spots on the top ten most searched for items, we're guessing that's because comfort—rather than ahead-of-the-curve style—was key for many Black Friday shoppers.

And they're not alone.

Many a celebrity fan has slipped into a pair of the cozy shoes, which come just about as close as one can get to wearing slippers outdoors, during their off-duty hours.

We recently spotted Kelly Ripa in a pair on her way to a gym in New York, while Britney Spears sported the shoes along with sweats while running errands in Thousand Oaks.

 And they're popular among Hollywood's little ones, too! Suri Cruise and Charlize Theron's son, Jackson, have worn tiny pairs of the comfy shoes. 

Are you a fan of Uggs?

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Snow boots UGG

Size: 36 EU

115 € The price of this item was set by the seller, Anna

15 € discount on your first purchase over 100 €, with the code*: BIENVENU15

15 € DISCOUNT on your first purchase over 100 €, with the 'Refer A Friend' offer*

This item can not be shipped to your country:

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    • Material : Polyester
    • Colour : Black
    • Condition : Very good condition
    • Reference : 4667355

    This item is owned and offered for sale by a private individual.

    The price of this item was set by the seller, Anna

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UGG Snow boots
UGG Snow boots
UGG Snow boots
UGG Snow boots
UGG Snow boots