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under criminal detention


and now can only practice Han Shuo practice this out of mind

Han Shuo heart feel pleased, is planning the opening promised down, suddenly another Dwarf opening said: him from the forest trolls in the hands of these thugs, we saved ah! their recognition and friendship, not all of a sudden you can do so immediately smile speak. said. The Han Shuo hope they forging a weapon of said hand in return, but naturally not this time said, smiled and took the bag of wine, Han Shuo humble that a Memorandum of Understanding with little skeletons left here. If Mogong able to practice to the true magic period, Han Shuo naturally able to refining weapon MoRo, but Han Shuo in order to obtain a conveniently weapons, the dwarves really is a good method. There is a magic treasure called magic Slaughter Feng, slightly longer than the dagger is slightly shorter than the sword and some of the extremely sharp, both sides of the open front top like Tri thorn sharp, Yu magic decision driven aspect flyby of them as the mind can take human heads void among memory Chu Lan Cang left a terrifying weapon. Han Shuo Mogong realm, of course, not be able to iron refining magic treasure magic Slaughter front directly refining, but Han Shuo dwarves forging a prototype then in use Mogong to improving slowly first with the re-refining, etc UGG Womens Slippers. after a suitable material Mogong Dacheng later find several times, the perfect magic Slaughter Feng unfolded. Brain thinking about magic Slaughter front forged thing, Han Shuo mind constantly pondered already intend to win the friendship of these dwarves, help him the magic Slaughter front forged. Back to the death of the cemetery, Han Shuo stop in the death of black cemetery gully in front of an open space down the ground full of bone fragments, death cemetery because of the existence of enchantment year round not see the light of day, the sky was shrouded in a thick layer of brown clouds among the Han Shuo here feel warm UGG Sora Boots, rich inside the chi is very suitable for the undead. Master's in front. Wait until the open space, after more than five Skeleton Warrior, the Han Shuo only feel the spiritual force some failure, stop the call of the Skeleton Warrior. Han Shuo spirit force has been greatly improved, but only can only be brought under control even the small skull, including six Skeleton Warrior action. After the release of spiritual power, Han Shuo issued a command, small skull, including six skeleton warriors, according to Han Shuo's command, began holding a bone knife action up. With the spirit of the Han Shuo manipulation, the Skeleton Warrior bone knife waving ground a bizarre pit and gully gradually forming. The middle gully such as long-term general connectivity these pit, seems to pit gully connect, from a distance became a six meters of the hideous grimace that pit became a hideous grimace nostrils eye Pupil and ears look a little dark, evil. Yuan pandemonium can remember. Yin Ling to survive three The Wait until after the forming of the Han Shuo remember, magic, mysterious magic genie. Of course, precisely because of this, the power of the has a profound real element magic element force within the body can also be refined to die. However, Han Shuo, repair, and now can only practice Han Shuo practice this out of mind to deal with the Wait until after the forming of the Relying on that green ball, leaning method as before, practicing a night of spiritual power, the next day Han Shuo consuming all the spiritual power to summon eighteen $ pandemonium Wraith very convenient. Wait until a eighteen Master's imagine outside. At this time, Han Shuo suddenly remembered the souls of magic, Mo Gong practitioners are taking the evil route in two different worlds, both exercises are heterogeneous cult, and she has a lot in common at two exercises with the use, really is a multiplier, so the Han Shuo eliminating the need for too much effort. Wait until the out of seven holes overflow. See this scene appear, Han Shuo immediately understand the Sure enough, he guessed, Han Shuo bitten fingers into yuan pandemonium Among the competition for six drops of blood to kill each other. Buttoned etc. thirty-six days forming a three yuan magic! skeletons, even like being affected by attracting yuan pandemonium kind of weird Mo Yang. The Mo Yang kind of weird, like - enjoy! Han Shuo look stunned, the release of spiritual power, is going to let a small skull yuan pandemonium comfortable lying yuan snare small skull Canada Goose Lodge Outlet. Froze for quite a while, the Han Shuo can not understand how this is one thing to observe a Han Shuo shook his head, muttered: began to study in that the primary souls of magic books, you want to go hand in hand, the breakthrough itself in two areas at the same time.

to help him arrange the new dormitory

Babylon Mowu, the souls of the Department Canada Goose Citadel. Through the dark forest of trials, the souls of the huge trials products, the ability of the participants are doing things, also improved. Wait until the Vatican ni negotiate with the school, the souls of some nuclei of Warcraft, and gave it the the school demonstrated immediately by a strong principals Emma praise. Emma is a 71-year-old woman, majoring space magic, a long time ago to being big Magister realm. Worked empire has made outstanding contributions to fame hehe, deep Empire thinks highly of His Majesty the King in the Empire. Venue of the souls of trials, Emma wearing a loose black robe magic kind of looked at the teachers and students of the souls of the Department, smiled and said: many Orc Wolf Rider can be considered a force for the Empire. asics teacher, I hope you lead the souls of the Department to a higher level, as soon as possible to restore the past glory of the Necromancer, about your request, I agree, children should efforts to Oh. magic to become the Empire a qualified magician, as soon as possible to contribute for the empire. Brian to go out a little thing, I think Dean must have the opportunity to see him, he is a very talented magician, I'm sure not take too long, Brian will be able to become the and our souls Department a powerful mage. Emma gratifying nodded Canada Goose Constable Parka Sale, smiled and said: people a very unreal feeling, followed by a white light flashed, Emma has disappeared without a trace. The one issue surprised voice, could not help uttering explained. Han Shuo came in, and no nonsense, speak directly. Not to mention Buck up, and even the Vatican ni Jean two, a look of surprise, did not seem to expect that these supplies could be so much worthless, those students heard that gold can be divided one by one are wreathed in smiles, the same revealing expression of joy. Crystal card with crystal card, you can groove through the gap and spirit of the brand, after the two parties confirm the transaction, very convenient. Han Shuo to get Vatican Ni crystal card, found Van Ni has endorsed the transaction, Van Ni crystal card included to put his own crystal card inside three thousand gold coins. Han Shuo Van Ni crystal card given to her by the Vatican ni pay a card and handed Han Shuo, said: a Mofaxuetu, but we the Babylon Mowu, the souls of the Department, through this student card, you can go to the library, the trial ground exercises souls of magic to the souls of the official class in this year's tuition and fees for five 10 gold coins, I've helped you paying up, you can now officially our souls of all resources, including your new residence arrangements Brian, I hope you can cherish this opportunity to play you talent flourish souls of magic! borrow books, you go first, you put the coins and give them good. saw the Han Shuo appears not help immediately surprises called out: stronger, and even the appearance seems to have changed a good-looking, came to a corner, asked Jack said. to my three gold coins? my student card, you see that? there will be big trouble, these coins can make you easy to live later if you encounter any trouble to the souls of the Department of came to me, I'll help you settle. out of the 50 gold coins, shoehorned into Jack's pocket inside whispered. a. Fifty coins on Jack, it is definitely that he had not had a lot of huge sums of money he had this reaction the Han Shuo completely understandable. He also never mind, Han Shuo smiling to leave Jack alone came to the place to store dead line books selected a primary souls of magic from the bottom row, went to the door to register the on he left. Left the library, the the Han Shuo return that grocery library two magic book into space on the left ring. Han Shuo intention through the Chuan Songzhen of the space inside the ring, and go directly to the death cemetery practice. Both groceries library, to help him arrange the new dormitory, or Vatican ni should people know, so since the arrangement of the the Chuan Songzhen law, certainly not safe. Frown ponder some, Han Shuo directly into Babylon Mowu College after mountain, that piece of graves walked. There is not only quiet, essentially for man and beast infested, some graves inside more hidden Chuan Songzhen law arranged there, absolutely do not have to worry about being found. Came to the grave of the mountain of chaos, Han Shuo find the most secluded grave, also carrying a large stone on the grave mouth from the inside, and so he went to move large stones, grave mouth gave stuffed. Completing such work, the Han Shuo from the space inside the ring remove candle point, this grave fairly clean except for the bit wet on the ground several aircraft Boneshredder for cultivation of souls spells the Han Shuo it, it is not gloomy sense, but they think familiar cordial. Slightly clean up the inside of and some Han Shuo careful thought, finally summon skull dagger used inside the grave, and re-opened up a small space in the corner office UGG Classic Short On Sale. This space is a grave dead line of sight, only the Han Shuo sideways body to enter the space inside some, but can only accommodate a Han Shuo as general room inside the wardrobe. Back and forth some careful observation, etc. the Han Shuo confirm such a place is enough hidden, this removed from the space inside the ring the six magic wand, and laid out in accordance with the hexagram pattern subsequently the Han Shuo stood the magic wand which, to the spirit of force to start the magic. A white light flashed, Han Shuo eyes open, has appeared in a dark forest inside the a huge magic of the mysterious death cemetery central hall. 

the environment elegant and ornate

Booster firm inside, has a rockery water, the environment elegant and ornate, the cobblestone corridor through the entire pavilion Canada Goose Hybridge Lite. Along the way, from time to time to see a guard armed with sword javelin through it, evidently the firm's defense was very guarded. In the when Balthazar city, Han Shuo had inquired Booster firms know the firm's main business is to do a trade, simply means that use of their Booster firm covering the entire empire firm stronghold, the acquisition of various regional supplies and materials, and then trafficked to other shortage areas, among pocketing the difference. Of these weapons and herbs, derived from the multi-rho to give this Booster firm, must be able to be properly when the handle out, so the Han Shuo came looking for rich Bean, absolutely considered to find the right person. Across the three corridors, walking a few minutes away, in the Han Shuo emotion Booster firm Sure enough, big enough, Miss Booster firm, out of an attic stop down. behind has been followed by two robust soldiers commanded. Han Shuo no nonsense, nodded his head UGG Suburb Crochet Short Discount, and went in directly with the woman behind. Settled soft carpet, hung around the walls of the pieces of priceless picture the grandeur of decoration in the room is very spacious, with a hall, a ring round table placed in the center of the circular stage surrounded by tables and a few chairs. After the woman entered the room, the care of looking for a chair to sit down, then frowned and said nothing, as if thinking about what's going on. Broken strands of brown hair fell on her white smooth forehead, beautiful cheek lining on her brow wrinkled, less the sort just indifference proudly sort of sorrow. She did not greet Han Shuo, Han Shuo pretty blunt, screwing up a chair and sat down, looked around the layout of the hall as if nothing had happened, and from time to time aiming her glances. Just a little effort, that fat rich Bean, has been flattering smiled and came in and shut the door after brisk walking, bending salute this woman: Great! Rich Penn said. a few days, you'll find on me, this time you come looking for me, and intend to do business? Pitt dominated, seems to have nothing to hide, so he said out straight to the point. After a slight nod, suddenly smiled and said to Han Shuo. That being the case, Han Shuo also no longer secretive, after the release of the ray of spiritual power from the space ring which thirteen pocket-aside, placed in this room, and then said: something, you come to the point that the energy value of the number of gold coins? , from multi rho see this Sheng pocket of Orc Wolf Rider looting dedicated tool, is it to you to grab from the hands of the Orc Wolf Rider? Shuo underground passage the eyes of this woman touches toxic only looked even guessed the whole matter, Miss worthy Booster firm. Nodded, Han Shuo is no concealment, smiled and said: of Phoebe, eyes suddenly light up, peering staring at the Han Shuo looked some before amazement asks: Pitt explained. Listen Rich Penn say this, Phoebe seems to be more accidents, patrol with bright eyes and sharp in the body of the Han Shuo, a look in her eyes, even Han Shuo are to feel the hearts of a tight, as if there will be no secret to be be seen through the general. Qingke cry, Han Shuo hollow laugh, said: prices, we are faster business negotiated a even honestly admit is not his alone robbed. Cry subtle light sound, suddenly fall into the Han Shuo ears at this time, this is like a slow sword scabbard when the sound. Han Shuo hearts surprised, his face immediately changed slightly, looked up and saw a dark roof, cold face, said: But before they could react, the three bolt with a sharp piercing sound fly three people from the roof. Han Shuo had the hearts of anger, but also thought is rich Binenfeibi two want to murder, but before we know the facts is certainly not the case and so he found three bolt fired three Canada Goose Lite Jackets Sale. The three bolt just listen to the sharp piercing sound, on both strength and speed are amazing, obviously experienced master. At this critical juncture, Han Shuo look is surprisingly calm and quickly after the body side to avoid shooting his bolt, the right hand has been removed daggers, suddenly pixiang to another one fired the rich Bean bolt. This allows to the Han Shuo understand Zhezhi bolt the impact really Kuangmeng extremely, if ordinary people to take the dagger was such a hit, I am afraid that the entire right arm will be shattered. The already hard field, the power of the arrows how terror can imagine. At this critical time, first thought of gold coins to buy Han Shuo. On the in the Fu Penn screams just one issue, the sound crisp cover down toward Phoebe and Han Shuo, the kind of biting Senhan sense, so the Han Shuo feel like the blade cut through flesh just as bad. Teal grudge, three senior swordsman! The Han Shuo understand his strength, shooting Versus estimates are difficult to deal with even a senior swordsman, three senior swordsman, then I am afraid that only a dead end. Look at the purpose of the three, is clearly intended to kill all the people in the room, this time even if just wash their hands as to escape the bad luck, the only way out is to deal with to reinforcements rushed to the scene. Magic element force fast circulation the Han Shuo body suddenly began to move, this time to front Phoebe, Han Shuo hand to explore, has been caught Phoebe's right hand, to force a pull in his arms, holding Phoebe side of the body suddenly fell down, the round table under the table suddenly rolled to the inside of the hall. The dramatic Three handle sharp Janus, the round table table minced toward Han Shuo Phoebe's surface directly thorn over. The Han Shuo left hand lift this time, the the Han Shuo souls spell has been completed, the new bone knife small skull in the void betray oneself, directly toward an assassin rushed past, under the table, the sleeves inside the bolt suddenly toward a go assassin radio.

these people were all sacrificial victims to guardian imperial tombs

The summer home of Lord heard that, the face sè can not help but be a cold, murderous big move. Emperor angry heaven and earth becomes sè although he has not yet, but gives a the Mountain Rain yu tumultuous feeling seems to gently move will thunder Bo earth overturning! Several other Lord can not help but surface lu to different sè sparing interesting to see smiling without a word to YE. They have already heard that Ye Xu fearless bully to his head is the King I dared dare also were to kill. But let them unexpected YE not even summer home of Lord dare even let himself apology this joke some open. Even the impression of the demon Lord leaves Asahi also slightly changed him as quite appreciated. Lord than YE the former the angle sè YE deal but the pinnacle Wong leaders of the Holy Land is the overlord of the witch shortage Lord stamp stamped witch shortage world should shake shake! Especially the summer home of the Lord their po for the deep control of the summer home six Ding the six forbidden treasure strength among the major holy places is absolutely outstanding! Originally the summer home once they recovered six tripod that kind of the breath almost repression witch shortage world so that all of the Holy Land are some the tenterhooks compelling recovery own forbidden treasure confrontation. But you Lord thought that summer home recovery six Ding six forbidden treasure as if that is, in order to trace the whereabouts of the front of the blue shirts juvenile results also failed to be found eventually dropped. Step before the summer home of Lord behind an the three immortal environment pinnacle old man riding awe-inspiring now that you actually leave of Zhongzhou also soup imperial temple claiming as I violate Tang Huang will not know Tom Huang angry you there is not a whole corpse Men North Face Denali Fleece Hoodie? 've seen this story. Tang Huang Xia Jie Huang defeated Jie Huang and summer royal all exiled to the Central Plains Zhongzhou swear eternal can not take a half step. Ye Xu mentioned this incident in particular, to bring this up in the temple can not help but let all of the summer home high rage in exposing their ancestors scars. Them how can we not anger UGG Jimmy Choo Kaia? supplier Dynasty are extinct! his big business a pulse to the cleaners were all dead! happens out of my summer family Zhongzhou happens stood happens we should yells to the devil in the devil's tomb of Tang Huang he can nonetheless old lady? Pound! Sudden severe beating frequency of the temple being that kind of heart beating faster and faster growing louder and louder. You Lord heard the the this sound face sè help but slightly changed the hearts of uneasy the temple depths of come out to kill everyone can not help but relieved underground passage soon ashamed. They are today the world's most outstanding high status of everyone unusual turned out to be a heartbeat sound creepy if spread out how many people I do not know let Xiaodiaotaiya scared. However, this is also reasonable, after all Shenghuang this state is already in excess their cognitive in their hearts Shenghuang is the omnipotent there is even a witch Wong also catch up. The auditorium brother how? That old man summer Auditorium charge him cry smell and standing straight tingting situ eyes nose and mouth in a Unit bloodshot seeped out eyes shed two lines of blood and tears. Everyone noticed his abnormal hearts of oak. Xia Mingtang slight frown to the feeling that is not good stretch the shook summer the auditorium just listen crashed summer Auditorium the flesh suddenly collapse minced meat crumbs broken in one place his soul heaven and earth wears even hun soul, the soul, and the imperishable true spirit all pieces! He turned out to be just that kind of heartbeat abruptly shattered! Dignified immortal immortal throughout heaven and earth wears big job to be several more heartbeat Zhensi and whisper-quiet in the face of major Lord will 被震 dead Lord actually did not even notice! Pair of situation can not help but staring down vertical Even Lord also feel greatly threat. Eternal heaven and earth wears high on the witch shortage of world rare extremely tough but it is extremely difficult to kill a strong easily will be several more heartbeat Zhensi! road. The crowd silent. Although they are when the World's top figures of high standing reputation illustrious but for unknown people have a great fear Shenghuang still know nothing about the face. Ye Xu did not expect this case he just casually said, expect Tang Huang has already passed away I did not think of that summer home strong will be spot Zhensi in this can not come out to kill. the boy is the son-in-law of my days demon Palace if you not dead people he pretty forget to move in front of me I'm afraid some justified. Huang Quanzong marriage message knew the demon presence of the Lord I'm afraid not do nothing Ye Xu immediately Perfectionist smile beaming with unhappiness behind you just laughed the demon master polite I how could your son-in-law? Temple Treasure infinite Moreover yet to see Tang flesh and we need to work together to find a common depth temple Tang footer opened the day the road! where the core. The other holy places, fearing Tang Huang flesh falls he also stood up, not to be outdone. outsiders plug? you are outside the dead not drop my days demon Palace face? envy, but Ye Hao temple among the treasures addition to the flesh inside Tang Tang Huang the flesh is Fairview mountains Figure now Fairview mountains diagram has fallen on me, I am afraid that the Lord can not charge ... a magnificent treasure trove high major holy sites have to display their treasures and live in harmony in the temple segment charge. Leaf Asahi and the demon master did not receive any treasures but unwittingly followed these people before they came to a channel I saw this channel the yin gas Sensen have not yet entered the channel will have a Unit of the yin wind came even St. The main grade strong feel Senhan coolness. This channel is quite wide spacious so wide a square can accommodate thousands of parallel side surfaces one tall bronze mirrors all over the channels being separated by three steps will side erected rows of neatly. The Der Spiegel shaking about hand, as much as a Unit of the quiet cold gas ejected one character asks everyone breathing gas coming from the mirror. The crowd into Der Spiegel walked to the end of the channel between the end of a dragon gas Pentium roar rushed channel their heads. Come here all confident that they have been far from Tang Victors. Fine - Ray Temple of Lord the Baoguang ZMSS surface with compassion high channel here yin was in a rage weight may be Xiemei mischief we contend live naturally came to the monk around carefully. a light has to disperse the the yin gas gives a moist feel like spring. Ye Xu noticed actually not being their image in the mirror instead a mouth, dark coffin nine mirror scene as much as from time to time, Cecil strands dragon the gas influx Der Spiegel enter the the coffins heart can not help but secretly curious UGG Womens Jimmy Choo Kaia. Well suddenly he heard came out a long sigh hearts into the mirror a move to suddenly hear the clicking sound Qing Xiang came from the mirror I saw the mirror in a black coffin lid open slowly. the the demon master Lengheng bang around amount I saw the side Miantong Jing are coming Kacha Qing Xiang help face sè micro-variable Huixiu the phoenix smoke soft roll up well on its way this end of the tunnel and ran whispered Tang Huang's unification witch shortage Tang Huang's death funerary slave cemetery off I do not know how many countries and how much the Holy Land to the Lord of the Lord and the Holy Land in these countries are dismissed as slaves after his death, these people were all sacrificial victims to guardian imperial tombs! Let's go! .

a Cry Fu given the kind of driven to distraction

Able to enter the top ten in the Ancient Demon in constant Yama temple Women's Canada Goose Thompson Cheap, regarded Ming Zun are three eternal the environment good old monster the Ming dynasty Zunwang Jia Luoming statue as Yama magic temple, repair as a terrorist, has reached three no off the pinnacle of the environment! After his repair enough Presbyterian comparable with their lives the magic number too, and even win a chip, after all, he was not Terran, but six cycle burst the bubble of the ancient the hell race of adherents, regardless of the flesh or soul, innate will Wu Shiqiang defended many times better than humans. Even though he has swallowed hundreds of fifth-order six-order spiritual pulse, Wu Po and silver bullets, but he was, after all, trapped hundreds of years, and all the vigor almost obliterated, leaving only a dry bones, still can not get these treasures He returned to the heyday of state can not be repaired even his flesh. gas collusion into the net, as dragnet cover fall his palm like a black hole in countless demons ancient magic appears! constant Ancient Demon witch law, the hands of the monument and the kingdom of God is not physical, but a very powerful witch law, the Ming dynasty Zunwang India Act! whole white jade channels in Jialuo Ming Zun repair Luotian Guo under violent shaking, a piece of collapse, numerous green lamp lights extinguished, Sui Yu, rocks, green lamp lights have launched into Even leaves the Xu Rong cream two also stature instability in the palm of his hand almost sucked! This is the permanent ancient Demon the Ten Holy Land in the Underworld magic house first the Ming dynasty Zunwang not full strength, a move to expand let YE Rong cream all two rising star can not resist! Laugh! Deeply penetrate Jialuo Ming Zun hand-bearing soil, soil door began to compress his hand hearts collapse saw this interest, the volume is reduced. YE heart fluttered, this Living Soil door weighing several, if Jialuo Ming statue taken away and handed his hands, I'm afraid Mi Luo Tiandi tower re-growth layers consolidate his Mi Luo Tiandi tower to extremely powerful position! At the moment, in Xu-bearing soil door was refining being shrunk to repair Luotian Guo, weight extremes amazing did not return to the heyday state can only charge this period of interest-bearing soil door. Yexu Li engraved remove yourself from the spiritual pulse plundered, full of hundreds of fifth-order spiritual pulse, tense: How would there be so many spiritual pulse? Order to a Living Soil door, then took out so many spiritual vein, it is worth it? too much save Rong cream, he will soul of small Voeux Road, burning his practice to the Sanyang throughout the body Yang, One Product soul refining, these two yuan of God, more than only let him repair for the state to enhance the several Bu realm, practicing to God Yang fourth grade five products, Ye Xu for next so many spiritual pulse. Ming Zun, you owe me, remember to give it to me! back to you is not easy? small, there is no spiritual pulse of eight bands? eight bands spiritual pulse, one would be sufficient to let me return to the heyday! only one of order, and I live in stargazing peak, or too on the elders of the Mountain. Eight bands spiritual pulse, you Do not even try. all grabbed, revenues hands into the repair Luotian Guo! is wonderful. spiritual pulse. to their lives the magic number to find you! You have angered the Magic Emperor, Huang is no guarantee that magic not around looking for you, kill you to vent their anger cheap canada goose parka. Jialuo Ming respect hastily stopped, worry on his brow, the pain and agony, pleasing to the eye, also mostly shouting Hansha I strength is not restored to most of the heyday of the state, The Ye Xu smiling, looking at him, made almost say, Jialuo Ming Zun eyes finally fell on him, and suddenly grin Canada Goose Borden Outlet, laughed: then it is also your spiritual pulse. We are old friends, and I live in you where to recover, you I'm not too embarrassed to catch? Ye Xu sighed Or temporary shelter you, but you can not give me around to stir up trouble, but to be safe, you nicely I Ming Zun, if you agreed to this one, I will accept you. Jialuo Ming respect He laughed: Little brother maybe permanent ancient Demon, I always hear people say, the very cunning sorcerers of the human world, I just yells at you is not a good thing a virtue, and lied to me that white people now seems generous side, can not compare with that guy. Wing frost heard that, even rolling his eyes almost vomiting blood: my Master did not lie to you, after all his pointing you to get out of the Road the bit of Ming dynasty Zunwang the head I'm afraid some less so that first magic Wong lured plate imperial tombs treasure He sleepwalk to sell itself to the leaves brother ... his heart can not help but muttered: side by side out of the disk imperial tombs, saw the braggadocio quite Yuantian Gong et al at the door, a Cry Fu given the kind of driven to distraction: 


No Stygian then on the heart

Romantic novels permanent net website, keep in mind! Extreme mad at least two hundred and fifty seventh chapter three thousand Weak water, but a murderer | prehistoric world is really like Chen Yuyang said it was not a very harmonious place. Please visit this site. To the government six dispute, but is the prehistoric into another battle began. Prehistoric land of saints Battle of contention was just air transport only, there is no right or wrong,UGG Cayha, even with the bad with the good. This is a great chess game, everyone seems consciously or unconsciously, to become one of the pawn, no one can escape out. Like the saints, even if somewhere own definition, but still is in accordance with the wheels of history line go. Chen Yuyang become a witness in this chess game. In a long long time and space, he was able to see the outcome of all, do not change the, this may also be a tragedy it! So, he used to jump out of the chess game as extremely cold look at the world among all the people, all the things they have no slightest ripple. Discord, in fact, the world is like the human world, but also to how much harmony? However, whether it is in the human world, or in prehistoric, only a law that is eternal, it is the law of the jungle. Because, regardless of how the living environment, which is, after all, is the nature theorem. Will not change anyone. Quasi mentioning, escorts, Stygian, Houtu, all should have known. Above the sea of ​​blood, Stygian constantly growling blood of God the Son, even as the vast devils around quasi mentioning. But it can only be very weak outside the gilded quasi mentioning fly drift. Qibao wonderful tree seems quasi hands of thousands of eyes bloom like a bright golden, golden light, the formation of a powerful obstacle to the Stygian blood of the Son of God, and Abi Original top block in a sea of ​​blood. large Asura devil are feeling the stature shaky up.波旬 the hands of a rifle, grievance eyes looked a covered Foguangpuzhao quasi mentioning loudly shouted: not brave forgotten. Rifles went straight 波旬 devil quasi mentioning from quasi kindly face suddenly cocked a hint of disdain smile, compassionate shook his head and sighed: ants, ants, how to be able to shake heaven! , the unspeakable joy has no intention suddenly on top of the entire sea of ​​blood undisciplined a carnage swirling Xuewu,UGG I Do. Prehistoric supernatural power generation the devil 波旬, Asura tribe born this way disappear in Xuewu being, did not take away a shred of dust, leaving only sound shrill howling,, Asura family unwilling . From afar, a Stygian old eyes flashing with faint tears. Even in the prehistoric world in supernatural powers, that is emotional, even Hongjun. Otherwise,UGG Evera Sneakers, Hongjun then it will not sit down and contrary to the things of Heaven, Stygian no exception. One pair of eyes of hatred fiercely staring at the emptiness of the quasi-mention, prospective mention still face smile, it seems that just lives lost in his eyes and the ants and how different. Although not a saint, but at the top of this sea of ​​blood, is equivalent to the existence of the saints. Crunching, the Stygian teeth bite Ga bang sounds, shouted: Qingyang Shishu leave you a life, you actually daring to fight my sea of ​​blood and the idea of ​​six, Qingyang Shishu will not let you! However, prospective mention seems a bit too believe their own judgments, and he and escorts forces,UGG Butte Outlet. No Stygian then on the heart, laughed: for! Shishu also not of punishment I! The situation is the dawn of victory and ran away. Quasi satisfaction nodded hands of the Shippo wonderful tree again raised the entire sea of ​​blood burst choppy up. Jiu sea of ​​blood is the most polluted places in the world into. But the strange thing is, jiu sea of ​​blood west six reincarnation, east 3,000 Weak water. Weak water this is not earth the thing,UGG Dakota Outlet, Weak water three thousand birds, however, a feather do not float. Can be said is the flow of the prehistoric world and the sea of ​​blood coexist. But the sea of ​​blood is Great God Pan Gu belly foul blood, turned, is the prehistoric earth on top of the most polluted. Weak water but on the contrary, he is the prehistoric earth on top of the purest water flow. Pure Bai Jingying like transparent pearls. Ruoshui own soul,UGG Bailey Button Bomber Boots, calm and silent, stay at the shore of the sea of ​​blood. At the moment, Weak water on top, a figure negative hand-written touch into a pair of eye smile. The breeze off the man's hem, fluttering sound. White gown, as before, it's still clean like snow, like, mouth slightly with a smile, it seems somewhat contemptuous flavor. Do not know when the two figure has appeared in the young man behind. Two men wearing robes, shaking his head at the same time. A purple robe, the figure who trained. One light yellow robe, the long forehead hung on the chest the face with smile Ruoyouruowu, inscrutable people not see black and white. The two men not Hongjun and waxberry of whom. Hongjun again shook his head and said: Scarlet has apparently engraved in his eyes, he only said: helpless Jun face suddenly raised trace of Qingbaikouan ugly color. Covered with a burst of young people, windblown clothing or laughed coldly: 

on top of a sea of ​​blood

Romantic novels permanent net website, keep in mind! Cheng Wei, two hundred and fifty fifth chapter Stygian prospective mention strikes | too much can not figure out the answer in this world, too much is not clear, as long as it is not to think, it all becomes a cloud , but the people on top of the primitive earth needs an answer, a definitive answer. The book is the latest free chapter visit. Even raised his eyebrows and Hongjun is no exception, so they can only continue in Chen Yuyang Vientiane samsara wandering, looking forward. Standing on the rocks above the North Sea, Chen Yuyang mana feel like the North Sea seawater breaking Tao raging like a river into the sea. The lessons Hongjun and raised his eyebrows two cultivation, Chen Yuyang cultivation soared to a degree of terror, but his mood was still not as good as this sea waves and Kuankuang. But there is an indescribable sadness. Constant shaking of the hands of a folding fan Fengshen handsome face showing a hint of sadness to her dismissively: can not understand, if they do not think about this problem, they can be very safely from Vientiane samsara out, but they could not help but begin to consider. Good and evil, good and evil, and this has always been a very difficult to distinguish. The the prehistoric two expert tangled in this small matrix method being unable to extricate themselves. North Sea above the sea, the sea breeze is slowly drifting away, set off waves of salty taste, people mouth began to bitter up. The wind and the hem soon disappears in above sea level, leaving only get Toshihaya drifted charm. Dongsheng China on top of the finger gently blowing across huge rocks, Chen Yuyang's face showing a hint of feeling faint smile. Feel deeply engraved in which the God concept many years ago, and even that rock without the breath of life also began trembling slightly up. wins the Divine drifted further away Sunset Guantanamo red playing according a rock thrown burst of dazzling brilliance, it seems that people can not close, but felt so cordial abnormal. Slightly below the fan, the waves of those little waves rise, ray ray fixed into a circle, rolling up above the sea. Unknowingly between sunset gradually falling, casual sitting on huge rock,UGG Sunburst Tall Boots, Chen Yuyang abnormal calm the hearts of the cheek with a smile, fingers lightly across his rock, muttering to: Monkey, only a monkey! ............... Six samsara, round after round golden moment flashed straight off the top of a sea of ​​blood, Dayton time, the West, millions of Buddha soldiers had been stationed in Enlightening and Kinnara led into a sea of ​​blood Jiuyou . Foguangpuzhao everywhere Bodhi Ming-audience's soul. Golden Buddha's Light shine in a sea of ​​blood, to penetrate dirty bloody lasing in a sea of ​​blood outside the palace. Stygian ancestors looked helpless Buddhism has appeared at the gates of the heavily, can not help but sigh, said: penetration down the Fo Guang Stygian ancestors already know, this means, is a common means of Western Buddhism, is not new. Equally among six cycle, prehistoric world above the legacy of the Wu family was dazzling Fo Guang shining eyes are rolling. Phase Liu's steps quickly came the Houtu empress's palace, cries: have been, relative to Liu's can not believe to Buddhism no reason to provoke six cycle provoke the Wu family. After all, the Wu family ancient Han, although forced six samsara Bihuo, but still in Yu Wei,UGG Langley, Wu family. Besides, six reincarnation was said in Qingyang personally to pay with Houtu empress, unless the Taoist prehistoric really no one dares to provoke. But he obviously thought wrong, ambition and courage of Western Buddhism, it seems far more than he imagined large lot. Soil behind the empress at the moment the palace gates closed, plain clothes, waved his sleeves, Buddhism golden full to fan out, their voices are quiet: the palace gates to open, Houtu still is beautiful and flawless a Su Yi as snow, as if into the mundane world of fairies, like floating in the air out, inadvertently a show of hands a foot between Devil's showing people Qingsi face on some icy smile Unlike a to seems statue. Phase Liu, the Kenjiro they took my witch family to go out with the Palace'd like to see prospective mentioning and escorts the two in the end you want to do something? In the end be able to come up with what means! The sage sits, the Wu family's natural heart but also peace of mind of many, but a feeling of tension still exists. After all, in two situation, they might six paths necessary to fall. This prehistoric earth above the saints never have supreme authority and power. Have also been questioned in the end is not immortal immortal saints, and even repair profound I can not give a definitive answer. But some people have asked, in order to kill a saint, that need to how the means. Chen Yuyang given the answer is very simple,UGG Bailey Button Fancy Boots, and very clear: two saints can. This reaction from the side, Chen Yuyang eyes of the sage is not the myth of eternal immortality. Instead, they will die, but their death more slowly than normal,UGG Plumdale Outlet, more not pondering it. But Chen Yuyang Zhefan answer after saints began to redefine exactly what a lot of people. Now even Hongjun Taoist can not be completely defined the Heaven saint in the end how about the presence, even if he is their teacher. Above the dark sea of ​​blood, just like is clouded as Buddhist golden light shines under a sea of ​​blood the night like day of sewage into the sea of ​​blood, can be seen everywhere glittering, shimmering find to find the light. The EEP smile adhesion finger looked Kinnara the said: his thoughts far the Enlightening the quasi St. can match, he looked faint sea of ​​blood the sea, watching the waves of the sea and said: thing or caution. such abject race how can other general and I also live in this prehistoric earth above simply disgrace I face! Lotus Lantern, Hello's power and prestige, and actually look down Asura family to know Stygian ancestors is a prehistoric open days when there is a supernatural power, men four Asura devil, do not have a fuel-efficient lights, plus on a sea of ​​blood Stygian the thirty million blood of the Son of God, even if the leader of the person at the sea of ​​blood, not necessarily to him nonetheless,UGG Tassel Short Boots, you actually dare such audacity!!! role, Rao is meditation for a long time to collect myself, sneered: the deputy leader of identity, also did not speak here parts ~ ~ Enlightening voice faded, on top of a sea of ​​blood, round after round of waves, the Scarlet Skull constantly above in a sea of ​​blood boiling up, Gulp Scarlet Bubble constantly crest, Guikulanghao of sound as if the storm raging. The Kinnara transient response, loudly: the Enlightening and tight that Romania's hands does not in the hands of quasi escorts daunting. But having said that, the EEP is prehistoric epoch supernatural power in the world, and do not have much fear Stygian ancestors. As long as the top is not in a sea of ​​blood, Enlightening confident, own a person will be able to get rid of the river Styx. But now on top of the sea of ​​blood, which makes Enlightening feeling bloated. Above in a sea of ​​blood,Infants UGG Erin Boots, Stygian is not kill, unless someone dry defiance of world opinion, and the sea of ​​blood shall not creatures all killing, took Heaven causal. Fortunately, two guru does not want kill Stygian intention, only to imprison him for some time, so that he can no longer take such liberties only. To when a sea of ​​blood creatures we should all pledge allegiance to Western Buddhism, Buddhist Daxing, momentum is bound to be more violent and very. By then, the Oriental Xuanmen longer opponent. Stygian ancestors of rage at the moment to face, the face of the three hundred billion blood of the Son of God, Enlightening Buddhist disciples really is no way to Bodhi big fuss, though subtle, but we can not rescue their hearts distress . Only by virtue of immature Bodhi large array, want to contend with the Stygian ancestors inevitably some trifling matter. At the moment, jiu sea of ​​blood above the waves of Pure Sound chant the golden million words seems a Road amulets, like a road golden walls, and instantly through jiu, the sea of ​​blood on top of the blood of the Son of God who is all playing scattered, the howl of sound, instantly sobbing up the cry of Stygian echoed in the air and said: