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"Alarm Clock" Essays and Research Papers

  • Alarm Clock

    Later that night as I was lying in bed half asleep, I noticed the alarm clock was dark which indicated to me the electricity was off. I glanced at my watch; it said 9:45pm. I told my wife, “Looks like the electricity is off again” then her cell phone rang. She answered the phone and I heard her say, “What!” in a loud concerned tone. She hung up the phone and said, “Our house is on fire!” I didn’t smell smoke and the fire alarm didn’t go off. I was a little confused; I was thinking the attic, shed...

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  • Importance of Being on Time

    I am writing this essay because on January 17th, 2012, I failed to report to my appointed place of duty at the proper time. I accidentally turned off my alarm clock instead of hitting the snooze button, which I usually do. This does not excuse anything, but it is the reason. There are many reasons why being on time is important, both inside and outside of the military. Failing to be at a place you are supposed to be at the right time can cause so many problems, including losing your job, receiving...

    2007 singles, Alarm clock, American films 1157  Words | 3  Pages

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  • Love and Nathan

    her, looks away) Brooke (smile turns to sad face, to cry, run home) HOME Brooke: Why doesn’t he love me like I love him. Does he even notice me? (falls asleep) (Wake up) (alarm clock ring) Brooke: Ugg, What’s the point of even waking up when the guy I love doesn’t even love me back. (looks at clock) uhh I have to wake up to go to school. (Hair all frizzy) Smell breath: whatever it’s not like i’m kissing anyone today! wears sweats (leave sweats with school bag on back) (Walks...

    2006 singles, 2009 singles, Alarm clock 389  Words | 3  Pages

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  • digital detox

    com/news/articles/SB10001424052748704025304575284973472694334 11:30 the adverts about subscribing the ‘WALL STREET JOURNAL’ for £12 11:36 used the dictionary on my phone 12:06 received E-mail from LUSU 12:10 had a quick nap so I used my phone to set up alarm clock 12:30 turned off the phone alarm and checked ‘Wechat’ 12:40 continued in reading the journal online (also used the dictionary on the phone) 13:00 browsed http://www.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052748704025304575284981644790098 13:07 used the dictionary on...

    Alarm clock, Communication, E-mail 1131  Words | 5  Pages

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  • A Sunrise on the Veld

    when he hears that pain filled scream, in a split second he is suddenly totally out of control, and he knows it. 3) Plot Summary •The boy wakes up every morning at 4:30 to go hunting for guinea fowls •He wakes up every morning before the alarm clock rings just to prove that he can (that shows just how much control he thinks he’s in). •His parents have no idea how early he wakes up in the morning •He always brings his dogs along the hunt •He began running through the grassland...

    Alarm clock, Control, Death growl 1714  Words | 6  Pages

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  • Technology

    attached to my hand or my computer in my lap, then there must be something wrong with me. That was much easier said than done, to say the least. It started out Wednesday morning, and I had to be up at class at 8:00 a.m. sharp. Instead of using my alarm clock radio or phone, I decided to wake up by the sunrise as our bedroom windows face the East. Once I saw the sunlight creeping into my eyelids, I forced myself to stay half awake, checking the time about every ten minutes to see when to wake up. Walking...

    Alarm clock, Facebook, Mobile phone 1258  Words | 3  Pages

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  • When a Day Went Wrong

    parents were away for one week holiday, and I was home alone without any restrain. Meanwhile I can watch my lovely movie until early in the morning. It was a glorious morning.  The chirping birds signaled a new day ahead "Ring..." the alarm clock rang madly, rudely awakening me from my deep slumber. Horror of horrors, I was late for work! I rushed to the bathroom for a quick wash and turned on the tap. Scrambling around the house like a madcap, I managed to dress myself in just a few seconds...

    Alarm clock, Sleep, The Way Home 779  Words | 3  Pages

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  • Memories of the first day of school

    As I crawled into bed to go to sleep that night, the ease of summer slowed fade into the responsibility of the school year. As the alarm clock rings promptly at 7:15 the next morning, all traces of summer vanished into September's doldrums. Once again, it was September! To most of us was the beginning of the school year that morning and to some of us was just and ordinary day. The air was crisp and cool, the trees exploded with brightly colored leaves and beautiful roses lying on bushes with their...

    Alarm clock, Class, Education 1041  Words | 3  Pages

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  • The Butterfly Effect

    The Butterfly Effect is now known as the law of sensitive dependence upon initial conditions… and it works every time. Now this is where it gets extremely cool. Imagine you’re going to bed one night. As usual you fall asleep and when your alarm clock goes off you hit snooze a few more times than necessary- as we all do now and then. You then take a shower and I’d like to think that you would brush your teeth. However, today you know you will be seeing that super cute girl so you brush your teeth...

    Alarm clock, Ashton Kutcher, Black swan theory 972  Words | 3  Pages

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  • The Negative Impacts of Technology

    Today’s society would be incomplete without the advancements of technology. From hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock in the morning, to watching the latest events on television, to checking one’s email on the internet, technology is part of everyone’s life and is simply impossible to avoid. But what if the luxury of technology was not available? What if people lived a so called “primitive” life? A life in which one would read a book for enjoyment, not play God of War II on a video game...

    Alarm clock, Dystopia, Fahrenheit 451 1062  Words | 3  Pages

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  • A Day in the Life - A Case Study

    Microsoft word unless otherwise noted and will be turned in. You will present portions of this project to your classmates. 1949  Jimmy was awakened by his mother calling up the stairs, "Jimmy, you're going to be late!" He looked at the small alarm clock and saw that the hands had stopped moving at 2:36. He must have forgotten to wind it again. He jumped out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. Fortunately, he'd showered just two days ago so he could get by without one today. He splashed his face...

    Alarm clock, College, Family 2524  Words | 6  Pages

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  • The Rebels of Society: Gregor Samsa and Equality

    think…let him know just what I feel. He'd fall right off his desk! (I)” Even after Gregor realizes his legs are not the same as his human legs he continues to ponder about waking up and getting to work. He looks at the clock, sees that it is already half past seven and wonders why the alarm clock had not rung. “What should he do now? The next train went at seven; if he were to catch that he would have to rush like mad and the collection of samples was still not packed… (I).” Although he knows he has transformed...

    Alarm clock, Ayn Rand, Franz Kafka 1557  Words | 4  Pages

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  • Behavior Modification

    There are many behaviors that I participate in that negatively impact my health. One of the behaviors that I would like to examine is my habit of pressing snooze on my alarm; this behavior impacts me dramatically because almost every day I end up waking five minutes before I have to leave my house. Directly related to this behavior is my abnormal sleeping patterns. One day I will sleep approximately 4 hours and try to make up for the lack of sleep the next day with on average 14 hours of sleep...

    Alarm clock, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Circadian rhythm 1556  Words | 4  Pages

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  • how to be a successful student

    from having to wait for an available pump at the gas station in the morning and not rushing to buy gas at the last minute to go to school.  Next, one should purchase an alarm clock if he does not already own one and buy batteries. He must later set this clock two hours before his first class is scheduled to begin. He should set his alarm to wake him with the loud beeping sound rather than the sound of soothing music; he must also resist the urge to hit the snooze button, which could cause him to be late...

    Alarm clock, Clock, High school 964  Words | 2  Pages

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  • How to Be a Good Student

    when other people have decided to wait until the last minute to buy gas for their vehicles in their rush to work or school. Then, one should purchase an alarm clock and batteries if he does not already own one. After completing the buying process, he must set this clock two hours before his first class is scheduled to begin. He should set his alarm to wake him with the annoying “beep, beep, beep” sound rather than the sound of soothing music. He must also resist the urge to hit the snooze button, which...

    Alarm clock, Clock, High school 983  Words | 3  Pages

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  • Time For School - daily rituals, something that you do everyday and describe it with much details. This essay is about the 10 min that you get ready for school.

    Time For School Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm clock screams, yet again, urging me to rise up from bed and get ready for school. Groggily, I lift my head toward the clock above me. Reaching out, I whack the snooze button. I have fifteen more minutes until the school bus comes. As I possess the deadly sin of sloth, I let myself drop to the bed, back into the safety and warmth of my cover, a typical decision for a typical day. Beep! I rise up immediately, my eyes wide open. Panic takes over my body,...

    Alarm clock, Clock, Coffee 874  Words | 3  Pages

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  • Essay on Success

    Essay on Success It’s 6 o’clock, the alarm clock is ringing, but you don’t really care. 6.30 now, the alarm clock has stopped and you are still in bed, snoozing and grumbling because you have to get up and get ready for another day at work. 6.45 and you continue in bed asking yourself why every day has to be the same to the previous one, without any sign that you are getting somewhere. Is that the kind of life you want for yourself, in which you just spend each day with the only purpose of making...

    Alarm clock, Clock, Debut albums 1379  Words | 4  Pages

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  • If I Could Be Anything...

    have a happy ending. However tempting these options may be, my choice is not found in any one of them: I only desire to be noticed, half-way, by you. Regular, ordinary, seemingly insignificant; I want to be part of your routine. I could be the alarm clock pulling you from sleep, the first sound consciously registered by you each morning. The cup of coffee you need to consume before alert can be a name that belongs to you – the familiar warmth and bitterness, comforting you into the day, is something...

    1983 singles, 2008 singles, Alarm clock 611  Words | 2  Pages

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  • Morning Routine

     My Morning My day starts off at home as I wake to the same repetitive song the radio station plays over and over. So I turn to my side where the alarm clock is positioned and I press the sleep button. The whole process repeats when it goes off the next few times until six forty rolls around. Then I roll out of bed and stumble to the bathroom where I brush my teeth and my hair staring into to the mystical mirror to adjust my hair as needed. Then I go into the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee...

    Alarm clock, Automobile, Clock 869  Words | 2  Pages

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  • A Day When Everything Went Wrong

    have nightmare recalling it and wish I do not have to relive the same again. The day happened more than twenty years ago when I was a form two student. It was a black Tuesday. I was supposed to be at school before 7a.m. I set the alarm clock at 5a.m. but my alarm clock was damaged. When I woke up, it was already 6.30 a.m. I quickly packed my book and rushed to the bus stop without having my breakfast. I hoped to catch the 6.45a.m. bus to school. However, when I reached the bus stop, the bus had left...

    Alarm clock, Classroom, Clock 943  Words | 3  Pages

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  • Polyphasic Sleep

    Winston Chruchill, Thomas Jefferson and Buckminster Fuller are said to have adopted polyphasic sleep at one point in their lives. Uberman’s sleep was executed in this case study by taking a nap for 20 minutes every four hours for six months. An alarm clock was used to control the amount of sleep and each nap was to be precise. On the first day, the person experienced a lack of energy from sleep deprivation. The 2nd and 3rd days were the worst days of the entire routine that included extreme drowsiness...

    Alarm clock, Polyphasic sleep, Siesta 741  Words | 2  Pages

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  • Science Fiction Story

    The Search Through Time and Space “Beep, beep, beep, Mr. Gordy wake up!” Rang the alarm clock. The year was 2023, the date September 3rd, the time 9:03 A.M. All was silent as the incessant nagging of the alarm clock continued to repeat it’s usual speech until a hand with a force of a comet came crashing down to end the repetition abruptly. A man, 6’3”, emerged from the bed, face worn from what seemed like a minute of sleep after spending a night of searching for what no man could manage to find...

    Alarm clock, Clock, Girl 929  Words | 3  Pages

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  • Homework Must Be Banned

    stated by the NHI, National heart, Blood and Lungs Institution, sleep deficiency cause people to be less productive at work AND school! Due to homework overdose, students have stayed up till midnight to finish off teachers’ requests. Only to set an alarm at 6 and have only 6 hours of sleep. Adolescents like us need at least 9 hours of sleep to perform well during the day. And did you guys know that sleep is divided into 5 stages that cycle through the night every 90 minutes. First, there is stage...

    Alarm clock, Education, Learning 546  Words | 2  Pages

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  • Company G

    providing reliable, affordable high tech products. We believe that our new iDOC Alarm Clock will not only meet the needs of our target market, but will also exceed their expectations as well. Our product is a solution for the tech savvy individual, who uses a smart phone equipped with MP3/MP4 capabilities, who has a need to charge or doc their smart phone, who also has a need for an alarm clock. Most docking station/alarm clock duos are intended for only ipod or iphone use, however our product can be...

    Alarm clock, Management, Marketing 2981  Words | 12  Pages

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  • Analysis of Mood in Thoughts in Middle of the Night by Paul Kelly

    futility is also tackled in the poem as nothing is changed by the end of the poem. The poet makes use of imagery of the haunting “greenish glow of the bedside clock radio”, which sticks out in the darkness. The reader can visualize an image of a person tossing and turning and completely unable to fall asleep. The idea of the glow of the clock radio can also reflect how the speaker is kept awake by his thoughts, who glow on in the midst of the darkness of his mind, unallowing him to find the rest his...

    Alarm clock, Idea, Lena Olin 617  Words | 2  Pages

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  • Ergonomic Analysis of Mobile Phone Apps

    Touch friendly COMPARITIVE CASE STUDY-self Case A • Alarm Clock feature on Samsung Galaxy S3 • Tap button lies in ‘Easy’ region of the interface • Notice the gesture to control the clock • Instead of just tapping the button ,the user must slide through the region to stop the alarm which prevents accidental pressing Continued… Case B • Alarm Clock on Nokia Lumnia • Tap feature to stop the clock Can lead to user accidently stopping the alarm without knowing • Notice the difficulty in approaching...

    Alarm clock, Ergonomics, Graphic design 1856  Words | 12  Pages

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  • Raina

    help prevent kid and teen obesity.             Secondly, I support the breakfast program because it eliminates stress in the morning.  For instance, kids will be less likely to arrive to school late.  When I wake up in the morning I usually turn the alarm on snooze and keep sleeping and therefore am late.  Due to a stressed, rushed beginning of their day kids will be distracted in class and will have trouble focusing because of the exhaustion.  Although, with the breakfast program, a healthy meal to...

    Alarm clock, Breakfast television, Eating 803  Words | 2  Pages

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  • Everyday Is a New Begining

    to make good of what we have failed to achieve yesterday, so that we could achieve a better result in the future. Each day truly is a gift and some people don’t even wake up to see the light of a new day! When most people do wake up and hear the alarm, they hit the snooze button and turn over to catch a few more z’s. Before they even get out of bed, they are avoiding the gift of the new day. Don’t take the day for granted, and even this in itself will give you a new perspective. How we start our...

    2002 albums, 2004 singles, 2006 albums 729  Words | 2  Pages

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  • Persuasive Speech on Sleeping Habits

    schedule on the weekends consistent with your class schedule; if you have eight o’clock classes during the week do not sleep in until 1pm on Saturday and Sunday; turn off notification from your cell phone or other electronic devices, use an actual alarm clock to wake you up so you are able to silence any other objects that have the potential to wake you up; and finally get in the habit of getting the full seven to nine hours suggested, once your body becomes used to this it will expect the same every...

    Alarm clock, Education, Personal life 660  Words | 2  Pages

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  • Early Morning Man

    basement stairs that led to the bathroom to take a shower. In the shower the warm gentle drops of water would always helped to wake me up even more. I enjoyed sleeping late it was a time when there wasn’t any rush in my life and the tick tock of the clock didn’t matter. At age 19 my whole sleeping life took a total left turn I found a job at the local bakery. With all the excitement about making a full pay check and working, all I could think about was what a beautiful and magnificent day this...

    Alarm clock, Baking, Bed 624  Words | 2  Pages

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  • My Script

    the window pane against a transparent cream white curtain. ALARM CLOCK Tick! Tick! Tick..... CRINGGGGGGGG!!! ROY (groans) Nghh.. Mghh.. Roy is 13 years old boy, a second year high school student in Sta. Luisita Academy and the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Gonzaga. They live in Sta. Ana Village. He live in a not so wealthy life, enough provide the needs of the family. He stretches his right hand reaching the alarm clock to switch it off. His class starts at 8 am and its 7:30 in the...

    Alarm clock, Door, Left-handedness 1674  Words | 12  Pages

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  • Teenagers Are Lazy

    about 8 meals a day. Those are some reasons on why I think food is a cause of laziness and make them not care about are future. The second reason I have is they would rather sleep then do anything else. I’ve seen a lot of kids turn off their alarm clock when it goes off and fall right back asleep. Most teens on the weekend sleep in usually until about noon. Most teens spend most of their day sleeping rather than going outside or just doing stuff with their day. They don’t even think about what’s...

    Alarm clock, Food, My Chemical Romance 581  Words | 2  Pages

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  • Body Coordination Ass.

    system. ie Brain and senses. Short Story W rite a short story in which as many stimulus-response examples are given. After each description, identify the stages in brackets. Example: The alarm clock buzzed (stimulus) and Daniel heard (receptor) it. So he lifted his arm (effector), picked up the alarm clock and hit the snooze button (response). He was awake now and knew it was time to get up (stimulus and receptor), so he used his stomach muscles (effectors) and rolled to the side of the bed ...

    Alarm clock, Brain, Brain tumor 1045  Words | 11  Pages

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  • With Independence Comes Greater Responsibility.

    "With independence comes greater responsibility." Ring! Ring! the alarm clock wakes me up at precisely 7:30 am on the first day of summer. My parents rush into my room yelling at me to get up. I’m oblivious to what’s happening because my eyes are still half closed. As I regain my senses I see that my parents are wearing tank-tops and shorts. Instantly I remember that we’re going to China for the summer. After that commotion my parents left the room leaving me with two empty bags to be filled...

    Alarm clock, American films, English-language films 873  Words | 2  Pages

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  • Everything Went Wrong

    away for the whole day, trusting me to be independent enough to take care of my daily needs. There would not be any adult supervision, just me. Hooray! It was my wildest dream come true. It was going to be the best day of my life! "Ring..." the alarm clock rang madly, rudely awakening me from my deep slumber. Horror of horrors, I was late for school! Scrambling around the house like a madcap, I managed to dress myself in just a few seconds, breaking my usual record. As the saying goes ' Haste makes...

    A Flock of Seagulls, Alarm clock, Sleep 777  Words | 2  Pages

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  • Why Does the Alarm Clock Snooze Button Give You Nine Extra Minutes, Not Ten?

    Why does the alarm clock snooze button give you nine extra minutes, not ten? November 26, 1999 Dear Cecil: When my roommate's alarm goes off, he invariably presses the snooze bar. This continues in nine-minute cycles until I have to rouse him myself. All the alarms I have seen have a nine-minute snooze interval. Is this a standard number, and if so, where did it come from? — Matt Mc, Indiana, Pennsylvania Dear Matt: What a relief to quit dealing with the federal government and get...

    Alarm clock, Clock, Clocks 678  Words | 3  Pages

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  • Teens Sleep

    Nothing feels worse than hearing your alarm clock ring in the morning when your body is screaming for a few extra hours of rest. Given the opportunity, who wouldn’t get more sleep? If I had a choice between a year of unlimited Easter candy and a year of unlimited sleep, I’d say “Bye-bye Cadbury” and “Hello, bed!” Take a look inside a high school classroom. You will most likely find a teacher at the front of the class and students sitting at their desks. Yet, look closer, and you might notice a...

    Adolescence, Alarm clock, Circadian rhythm 492  Words | 3  Pages

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  • Pw Pi

    more convenient for people. It is very popular and common among people. In examining the issue on late coming, it is observed that many a time, alarm clocks fail on the late comers as they claim to not hear the alarm ring, hence they oversleep. My objective is the amalgamation of bed and alarm clock to solve the problem of people not hearing the alarm rings which results in late comings. [pic] |Feasibility of Project ...

    Alarm clock, Alarms, Clock 517  Words | 3  Pages

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  • English Creative Writing

    access to information and overall awareness. On the other hand, a society has been created where teenagers blindly follow trends, advices and norms that have been influenced by the mass media. Let’s take my typical morning as an example. The alarm clock goes off after 8 hours of sleep, which I’ve read is the recommended amount. When taking a shower afterwards, I use a certain shampoo, which I bought because it was presented by my favorite actor in a commercial. Having done that, I will put on my...

    Adolescence, Advertising, Alarm clock 507  Words | 2  Pages

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  • Essay - Ending with "If Only I Had Been More Careful, That Wouldn't Have Happened"

    The alarm clock rang, but it need not have, for I was already awake. I had not slept a wink all night for fear of what I would be facing today. I lay on my bed, watching the sunrise through my window. The merry chirping of the birds which usually make me smile and whistle in response did not have that effect on me today. The sudden burst of sunlight which cast shadows on the ground saw me dragging myself unwillingly out of bed. Having showered and breakfasted, I proceeded to smoothen out my...

    Alarm clock, Fear, Laughter 727  Words | 2  Pages

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  • Descriptive Essay Samples

    what you write in your essay. The thick, burnt scent of roasted coffee tickled the tip of my nose just seconds before the old, faithful alarm blared a distorted top-forty through its tiny top speaker. Wiping away the grit of last night's sleep, the starch white sunlight blinded me momentarily as I slung my arm like an elephant trunk along the top of the alarm, searching for the snooze button. While stretching hands and feet to the four posts of my bed, my eyes opened after several watery blinks...

    Alarm clock, Family, Foot 443  Words | 2  Pages

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  • Clocky the Run Away Alarm Clock

    turning the product into a fad, which happened with some other products which were lunched before such as Furby and Tickle-Me-Elmo. b)If clock is positioned as a need product she may raise consumer expectations and would have to shift some of her limited resources by making sure clock was able to consistently deliver on its promise as a more effective alarm clock. a + b = It is also important that targeting either if the fun or need segment would not preclude her from selling to the other segment...

    Alarm clock, Clock, Clocks 3009  Words | 8  Pages

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  • The Clock

    A ‘clock’ is an instrument used to specify, record, and manage time. The word ‘clock’ comes from the French word “cloche” meaning bell, came into use when timekeepers were kept in bell towers in the Middle Ages. Historians do not who or when mankind “invented” a time-keeping device or a “clock”. Probably thousands of years ago when someone stuck a stick in the ground and saw a shadow of the sun move across the ground, known as the sundial. (Cummings, 1997-2012). After the Samarian culture...

    Atomic clock, Clock, Clocks 1021  Words | 3  Pages

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  • A personification essay about being a alarm clock.

    believe that the man is a ruthless and evil man. Before I am categorized as another lazy immigrant, allow me to explain my case. There is no doubt that I am close to being a forgotten victim of slavery. As mentioned, I am an immigrant; I am a alarm clock born in China. There were thousands of children in my family. I didn't even know all of my own brothers and sisters before I was sent to America for work. I knew that I would not see any family heritance because of its size; however, I hoped to...

    Clock, Eastern Time Zone, Prince 949  Words | 3  Pages

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  • The alarm clock rang

     The Worst Day The alarm clock rang. I slowly turned over to look at the clock, 7:35. What 7:35! I jumped out of bed as fast as I could. How long was it going off for? Why did I not wake up? I had so many questions going through my head, but I only had 10 minutes to hurry up and get ready. Hair, teeth, makeup, and soccer gear that’s everything I thought to myself. At the exact moment I heard the loud squealing of the buses brakes. I took off running as fast as I could through the neighbor’s yard...

    Alarm clock, Bus, Clock 517  Words | 1  Pages

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  • Zipcar

    Problems & Issues  While pursuing her masters at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Gauri Nanda designed and created an alarm clock (prototype) for people who had difficulty getting out bed in the morning. Unlike traditional alarm clocks, Clocky could jump off a nightstand and roll around the room, forcing owners to get out of bed to turn off the alarm, which would help the owner wake up. Clocky had a computer chip inside of it that causes it to go in different direction every morning...

    Alarm clock, Clock, Clocks 1105  Words | 3  Pages

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  • tardy

    or instantly fails it. The student has spent the much of the night studying for the test. They go to bed, only to be awaken a few hours later by the dolorous ringing of the alarm clock. The student’s constitution is still tired , but surely gets out of bed taking their time when they suddenly sneak a peek at the alarm clock. The realization of being 30 minutes behind schedule hits them fast and has them quickly packing their materials and running out the front door. They make it with only 15 minutes...

    1988 singles, Alarm clock, Clock 1114  Words | 3  Pages

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  • Classification of Paragraph

    device called an alarm clock. It is called an alarm clock because it has characteristics like the markings, the small hand and the longer hand which can indicate time. Also it has a gong which produces sound to wake up a person whenever the specific time sets in. Usually it comes in a circular shape because it has marks or numbers which are put in a circular motion. This can stand on its own because it has two stands which supports the whole body of the clock. There are many alarm clocks in the world...

    Alarm clock, Clock, Paragraph 1805  Words | 5  Pages

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  • How Do Deaf People Use Telephones? What About Doorbells and Alarm Clocks?

    How do deaf people use telephones? What about doorbells and alarm clocks? There are many everyday devises that we hearing people take for granted, among these are telephones, smoke alarms, doorbells, and alarm clocks. When we look at how members of the deaf community use these everyday items we must consider that members within the community have very different communication needs, abilities, and preferences. Hard-of-hearing people for example can use a standard telephone with the addition of...

    Alarm, Alarms, Clock 999  Words | 3  Pages

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  • Things That Cause Insomnia

    own in another room. Related: Ways to Boost Your Mood 4. Your Alarm Clock It's tempting to check what time it is when you're trying to score some shuteye. And once you do the math and realize how few hours you have until morning, it causes anxiety, making it even harder to relax and doze off. Simple fix: Turn your clock away from you so you can't see what time it is. Even more important: Stay away from digital clocks, warns Dr. Kohler. Some screens may emit light that suppresses melatonin...

    Alarm clock, Circadian rhythm, Clock 817  Words | 3  Pages

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  • Narrative Essay - Moving On

    Moving on It was the day of my graduation and the alarm clocks, spread across the dorm room, awoke me from my sleep. I rolled over to the other side of my twin sized bed to get a glance out the window. The suns radiance became too strong for my sleepy eyes. Ring! Ring! Ring! Anna’s alarm clock still ranged for about seven minutes. She was never great at slapping her snooze button to its finale, but in that very moment I appreciated her alarm clock because it was the last day I would ever hear it again...

    A New Beginning, Accept, Alarm clock 1021  Words | 3  Pages

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  • Clocky Case

    Cassandra Sarcia Colin Pennington Clocky: The Runaway Alarm Clock More than half of young to middle-aged adults struggle with the task of waking up on time, yet most alarm clocks never really seem to get the job done. Until Clocky many innovations to the alarm clock were not successful, but now, Clocky works to interactively wake the user. Gauri Nanda saw the opportunity to capitalize on this problem by creating a Clocky, the runaway alarm clock. Her product, Clocky, has the ability to jump off of...

    Alarm clock, Clock, Clocks 1750  Words | 6  Pages

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  • Personal Narrative

    Personal Narrative The blaring ring of the alarm clock runs through my ears, marking the end of my pleasant six-hour sleep. I’m looking at the time and fumbling my hand next to me, managing to hit the snooze button and relapse back to my sleep. Repeating this several times, I eventually decided to get up, and turned off the alarm. I grabbed the towel lying on top of my chair, and turn around only to sneak a glance at the time. I stumble through the bathroom, flick the light switch brace...

    Alarm clock, Clock, Reading 1058  Words | 3  Pages

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  • Clocky Marketing Case

    might limit the control over the actual product.   Demand for a more effective means of waking up – seen from the many other innovation attempts (Alarm Watch, Match Alarm Clock, Tugaslugabed) People still buy alarm clocks – during a 10 year period the total manufacturing costs of alarm clocks has not declined and the import of watches and clocks have been growing (table A in Clocky Case) Companies interested in product – potential partners in M.I.T. sponsors, and early talks with Walmart   ...

    Alarm clock, Clock, Clocks 1210  Words | 6  Pages

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  • Importance to Be on Time in the Military

    and make things happen. Like I know that I should have been on time and that I should have showed up. So yes I take the fault for that , I have learned from my mistakes in setting two alarm clocks instead 1 (wrist watch) and going to bed an hour earlier than normal so I dont feel the need to hit snooze on the alarm clock....

    Alarm clock, Causality, Clock 1038  Words | 3  Pages

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  • Clocky Case

    Summary Gauri Nada is an entrepreneur and her invention Clocky which as new generations of alarms which she considers to be the solution for the problem of waking-up in the morning. Nada’s product has reached the media and it have created buzz in the market. it has a coverage that many of the available products in the market can’t have it in such a free way. Consumers in the market are highly excited for this product and they also consider that it will fulfill their need regarding the issue of...

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  • Electronics 24 Hr Digital Clock


    Clock, Count, Counter 564  Words | 4  Pages

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  • Chapter 6 Case Study

    Study Sandie McWilliams, Daissy Patino, Reyna Ruiz, and Paul Timo ACC/349 Cost Accounting September 14, 2011 Robert Watson, MBA Chapter 6 Case Study BYP6-2 Technology Plus manufactures private-label small electronic products, such as alarm clocks, calculators, kitchen timers, stopwatches, and automatic pencil sharpeners. Some of the products are sold as sets, and others are sold individually. Products are studied as to their sales potential, and then cost estimates are made. The Engineering...

    Alarm clock

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Welcome to Alan's Blog

Me myself and my music

Well music has been my life for about 30 years or more, from small youth clubs in the very early days to weddings 18th, 2ist etc etc and then in the early to mid 80s branching out into the big night club world, working for most of the lagre corparate companys up and down the country, including many companys you didnt even knew excisted, like......

If you went clubbing in the 80s/90s more than likely one of those names where above the door somewhere.

After becoming tired of driving up and down the country 4-5 nights a week and missing my 3 children growing up i decided in 2003 to call it a day doing what my late mum said for many years and get a proper job. Untill Febuary this year when Glynn and Chris asked me for about the 10th time to do a sunday night show on Amber Sound and to be honest "Im lovin it" I do hope my listerners are too and i welcome any comment sduring the show.

to continue

First published : 08/06/2011



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Darell (24/10/2017)

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Hayden (24/10/2017)

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Rafael (24/10/2017)

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Moses (24/10/2017)

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Warren (23/10/2017)

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Marquis (23/10/2017)

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Hyman (23/10/2017)

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Monroe (23/10/2017)

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Sterling (23/10/2017)

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Isidro (23/10/2017)

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Benedict (23/10/2017)

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Laurence (23/10/2017)

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Shannon (23/10/2017)

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Kylie (23/10/2017)

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Mathew (23/10/2017)

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Garrett (23/10/2017)

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Rhett (23/10/2017)

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Anna (23/10/2017)

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Heath (23/10/2017)

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