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    Cotton & Curls

    + Very easy way to take in your pants!

    IMG_3421 IMG_3413frump
    I’ve been loving all of the loose zara trousers, so much so that I decided to refashion a pair for myself from a thrifted pair of, what I would call, frumpy granny pants. Even though I tend to have a bigger tush in them, I still love how they flow and fit. This is a SUPER easy way to take in a pair of pants, and if you want, you can even make these pants from scratch. Just need some soft flowy fabric.

    1. Lay a pair of loose fitting pants over the ones to be altered. Fold the crotch outward with the middles side seams together. The outside seams will be the folds in the front. Match the other pair against the folds/outside seams.DSC_0785

    2. Cut out the pants to mimic the other pair. I would makes sure to cut the crotch part longer than you think because you don’t want any pulling in that area.

    3. sew up the in seams on the pant legs.

    4. connect the middle seams together to sew the back middle seam and the front middle seam.
    DSC_0796 DSC_0794

    16 Love & Comments 344 [07.10.2013]


    1. Janice says: [07.10.2013] at 5:48 pm

      CUTE pants! Great idea! Thank you

    2. Serenity de Clare says: [07.10.2013] at 11:12 pm

      How do you take out jeans that are the right size through the legs but you have stupid fat hips that spill out of them a bit from all the pains meds you are on and you are so bloody bloated that your stomache also spills out over?
      I had bought like, 20 pairs of jeans of jeans at tax time because I had lost 75 pounds and gave away all my fat clothes and felt good but now because of the fibro meds and the pain meds and not being able to move around a lot because of agonzing back, hip, and leg pain, and bad genes that I have put on all that weight that these beautiful jeans no long fit around my waist(plus they are low rise jeans-this girl and her whole family we just not made to wear low-rise jeans and there isn’t anywhere that I have found that sells regular waisted jeans) and I cannot afford to replace these jeans that I was wondering if there is a way to take out the waist? They are such beautiful jeans, only worn once or twice, and it is just sooo frustrating and depressing…ugh…
      Thanks… :/

    3. Amy says: [07.11.2013] at 1:56 am

      Hi Liz,
      The pants are great. I always looks forward to your DIY posts.
      Your ‘about me’ page doesn’t load up. I’m not sure if it’s just my computer, or if it’s intentional on your part. Just thought I’d mention it. It’s been like that ever since the blog layout changed. Some things don’t load.

    4. Googlowka says: [07.11.2013] at 7:37 am

      Wow, you have NEVERENDING legs :) Great pants, you look georgeus.

    5. STEL STYLE says: [07.11.2013] at 8:25 am

      I love your diys, this pants are so cool!!!


    6. M A R T A says: [07.11.2013] at 9:12 am

      I love the pants! You blog is very interesting!


    7. erin says: [07.15.2013] at 5:06 am

      Oh wow, they fit so well now!

    8. Steph says: [07.15.2013] at 5:57 am

      Gorgeous as always.


    9. Dana says: [07.15.2013] at 3:36 pm

      These pants are GREAT! I love the style and thanks for the instructions. You have a great style and look beautiful!


    10. Garima says: [07.15.2013] at 9:51 pm

      Hey there, I am a really big fan of your creation….. Again such a gr8 work…and one more thing you are very beautiful.

    11. Garima says: [07.15.2013] at 9:52 pm

      Check my blog…

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