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My teacher's composition

My teacher's composition
our teacher He, call we the language lesson , since I entered a class, knewed teacher He, I liked very much with teacher, the teacher stays a head of to grow hair, her good natured, make amiable.To we are also very good.The classmates of our class all really like her.
we are sometimes very naughty, don't want to hard attend lecture on the classroom, always hope hurriedly class is over get to campus in play, the teacher has a class to like to ask a problem to make us answer, but I always not earnest, each time stand up to all answer wrong, teacher He has no consequently living my spirit to punish me to stand platform, encourage me on the contrary and very good-natured, when my answering doesn't go wrong always remind in a side, dissolve a hard nut to crack for me, I feel in the mind very sorry and teacher, from now on, I listen to lesson very hard, no longer so naughty, when I stand up to answer a question, I will see the look in the eyes of teacher, that encouragements and make my in the mind very warm every time.
the teacher strictly request us on the study and concern us on the life.Teacher for make the classmates can have a progress on the study, is free for this for the classmate of our class to take lessons homework in lesson remaining time, we make the teacher make up missed lesson to their in home each time, she will passionately cook a meal for us and slice fruits, if we don't understand again of place she will patiently explain in detail.
I like our teacher He and hope that she can have been teaching us.Dear teacher, we hereafter will hard of the study be no longer getting more naughty.Chinese composition net famous master point reviews:
this article's describing teacher He in the author's eyes is one to make amiable and again kind teacher, not only strictly request on the study, on the life to they also look after very much, devote responsible unselfish quality to the students.

beautiful autumn

beautiful autumn
today is the season that my house harvests.The rice is getting more yellow, the grape Be getting more purple, the apple Be getting reder, leaf also yellow.
the sky one green jade if wash, the white cloud sometimes changes 100001000.The white cloud in the sky has plenty of a rabbit and has plenty of an Ultrasaurus and has plenty of a person, has plenty of car and has plenty of snow man.
the wild flower in the garden, red of, white of, all purplely have.Is red of and white of I know, the chicken hat flower is red, white of call chrysanthemum.The color of grass isn't same either, is deeply green and have light green of, is thin yellow.
the brook Be pure to see bottom, like a transparent blue silk, lie in the embracing of the earth quietly.A group of fingerling crest wears water to swim across, clear mirror similar surface immediately the Yang has a way ripples.
true in autumn beautiful!
today I and a female colleague make a mistake, the owner runs to come over Xun us, sees an owner just wanted to open mouth to scold that girl, the girl hurtles an owner to act in pettish vomited the next tongue, owner on the spot Be getting softer, say the voice didn't make her walk next time.
I am immediately secretly pleased, hence Xun I I also learned to vomit the next tongue, how anticipated an owner to suppress 3 to roar a way:Are you a dog?!!
cough, the see facial morals of the world …… a, press tour of in proper order depiction scenery. While writing at hard observation and memory sight-see of the foundation of scenery up, according to seeing the order of sequence of scenery, come write to see of scenery.Like this just can attain logical arrangement clearly, nature, understand, unlikely miscellaneous disorderly.Observe scenery, usually there are two kinds of methods.A kind of be fixed-point observation.Such as the station is in some dime in the park and carry on to the park from the far and near observation.Ascend a tower crest such as us again, from four southeast northwest directions to tower bottom the scenery carry on an observation.Two be move an observation, it again call move step to change a method.Be shift the position along with the ambulation of step, a place per place ground carries on an observation.Chose to like an observation to order, be make sure good write of sequence.Is like the text 《visit Great Hall of the People 》 , press the sequence that the author visits, one by one in order wrote five sceneries.The national insignia and post that writes civic auditorium center door first secondly writes the ceiling and ground of central hall and immediately after writes a hall, then writes party hall and conventional center.Thus, is orderly to have a point of ground wrote down author at civic auditorium see of scenery. Two, hold tight a tour point, know well to write process. A visit tour activity, the scenery seeing is a lot of, we can not record "running accounts".To a little bit deeply write down the impression in the scenery seeing restly can write Chien is slightly some.We at part visit tour, simultaneously want to hold tight the characteristics of scenery, carry on a careful observation.Suppose, we want to write to sight-see to see of scenery for lord of record a Xu text, the point of writing is to particularly write down the scenery seeing.For the specially good scenery that we see, we want and carry on depiction concretely, outstanding particularly.For the scenery of point, notice to describe their position, size, dynamic state, static state, and color...etc. in detail.If we write "chrysanthemum", the color has "is red of like maple leaf, white of like ice frost, yellow of like ears of wheat" etc., the shape of chrysanthemum was like "the curl hair of young girl, furry chick, embroider ball" etc..We want to write process to be in detail, concrete, attain lord the time is clear, detailed slightly and properly, write out then an article can be outstanding point, know understand, so as to write to go on a tour to look at of meaning, just have education meaning. Three, slightly write before or after, the feeling, reason and view combines together. We should write the beginning and the coda while writing a tour to record Chien is slightly some.The beginning wants to hand over to need clear time, location and person.Such as the beginning"there is a well-known resort in my home town Yixing, Jiangsu- kind book hole" of 《visit kind book hole 》 .The way that the coda applies to discuss or expresses feelings writes down his/her own feeling.Write a way such as the coda of《the natural zoo travels extensively to record 》 "'ha ha ……'we are in the mirth voice ended this delectation of wild visit.The fun that the natural zoo of Zhu Ku Mi goes is endless, no wonder the world-wide locations lefts for the person of tour to form a continuous stream".Thus, the article writing has a head to contain tail and reads to person's an impression of integrity.We are wanting and being melted to the scenery to feelings, write a content.We want to pour into their our own thought feelingses while writing.Still have, we while writing a view, or investigate life true meaning, or discuss a thought problem, cure to learn spirit, make reader while grasping natural scenery, is inspired and educate.

feel grateful

feel grateful
thank for parents' very considerate of care and love, thank to give me the life helps of mentor, as well thank that to also in a hurry go also in a hurry but can have in the others difficulty stretch out to help of hand of benevolence personage, appreciate of feeling thick spillage heart bottom, appreciate, unspeakable appreciate
die such as Si the madam living bitterness short, but can always feel a true love.The teacher is unselfish to offer, wax torch become the ash is to offer love, social people together and together stretch out to help of hand, coagulate to face a difficulty together is united love, the friend inquiring after sb's health of is profound friendly affection, the mother does of the delicious good dinner is very thick mother's love love, have no place not at, we need to have a heart of thanksgiving to requite body flavor to be small in of love.
water 3,000 Chinese feet in peach blossom pond, cannot compare with Wang Lun to send me the feeling.Advise a gentleman to enter one cup gentleman more, west sun pass without cause person.The thou knows now that the outside doesn't know how much scholar the writer come to laud friendship, the friendship is also 1 kind to love, and it can be the love of the sincere unselfish trust as well as be that the friend incorporation is consistent, helps the love of mutual aid with each other.Because is kind, we are more pure, we are more friendly, because is kind, our societies are more harmonious, more united!
the social love is grand love, is a beautiful crystallize, the righteousness for teacher Zhang Li Li to face big truck has never returned to attend to of wrote one song of song grand love with his/her own weak body table;When the heavy earthquake of Wen Chuan comes, we are 1,300,000,000 compatriots, totally breath, together destiny, stubborn but unitedly coagulate together, resist the storm that this great universe comes all of a sudden, we even need to appreciate a society and feel grateful a motherland and make their church we grow up and brought up generation again generation.
someone outside the person, there is sky outside the sky.A good book, like and a classic person talk.3 people go and necessarily have me the teacher how, this kind but from it, it isn't kind but change it.We have a lot of teachers, such as:The society is one to enrich colorful book, it is the teacher of our life;The book is our teacher, it is the teacher of our emotion, the teacher of knowledge, thought of teacher.It leads we traveled over resplendent and multicolored state and made we the carefree cachinnation is our hot tears to be stained with Jin, it changes and influences imperceptibly at toughen thinking, enrich emotion, we need to protect it, will it the from head to foot is all new doll.
concerning of parents very considerate we, for making us develop from the young sprout outstanding three days big tree, their hair, white, their crease, many.We how can not know thanksgiving, requite them?The passage of the years, was you like parents to concern parents so in childhood?Show consideration to parents?
in the small place, the love's concerning the story for feeling grateful raises extremely raise, we not only want to accept the other people's love, but also need to let love double to flow, make the loving fragrance of flower fragrant four to overflow, let the loving sunlight illuminate future!See on the road today the space of the mimicry MJ of someone tread, although his performance must work harder very much,dance Zi is really unbearable to go into eyes, I cannot helped but coming forward to clap to clap his shoulder to say:Young man, goes home to do to come out again to play, you so absolutely is to right bower lousy indignity.He comes to a stop and says to me with astounded look:Is the right bower lousy to is who?I just just and carelessly trample the other people once chewed of chewing gum the composition testing Gao load social function and thought to educate function, is also we often say of is person and composition.Therefore, writing this composition can not become surface, but should go deep into to dig out it to thought a content.Is concrete to come to say to have a following method: A, realize from the life aspect to consider, pay attention to a life and write a personal life experience.(Next 88)be like the responsibility that we say, this topic, the different person is different in the sense of responsibility of different age stage.But this kind of topic morely embodiment at aim at the student, this age layer comes to carry on setting question of, more lives that is responsibility concerning student, student aren't a shout slogan type emptily responsibility, but a kind of responsibilities that infused into a lot of humanities spirits. Two, think from the philosophy Bian to consider.Suppose advantage and success or failure are this topic, embody the dialectical thinking for relating to of of success or failure and advantage.Having the person of advantage is uncertain and then can succeed, and under the bad situation he also uncertain fail.This is a kind of dialectical philosophy thinking, we want to go more careful deliberation, thinking at ordinary times, from reasonableness of angle, from philosophy of the angle comprehend it and specially want to every moment remind oneself, the composition contents wants to come close a real life as far as possible and notices to see a problem with the dialectical taste. Three, combine our some characteristicses in ageses to consider.Want to pay attention to more current news at ordinary times, see some newspapers and magazineses comment on etc., be advantageous to holding a problem from the taste in ages. Four, the attention write the backlog of material.We can prepare more some materials, and want to press the different category divided into classes and categories at ordinary times.For example tally up some materials from the angle of self-confident heart, tally up some materials again from the angle of responsibility.Canning press is such of category sorting the emotion, morals, science and technology, environment, nature and life Wu, social activities, and cultural problem...etc..


Loose cypress great precipice stand the body sign

Loose cypress great precipice stand the body sign, at 4:00 verdant smooth landscape.Years long soul of Yun Jie, the Ao breeze faces snow eventually without the regrets.
some day, the teacher makes us write a half to open sex composition, the topic says for 《I worship my mother most of-》 < br/> the second day, teacher very helplessly walking platform:"I know that you write the docile that I worship my mother most , generous, cleverness what of get fed up with writing, but, you anyway can not write, either'I worship my mother's kid most '!" The question in composition test testing in every year is usually teachers and the students, parent with to the focus of society concern, however test behind from grade examination papers the information that the section acquires always don't exert satisfied, even very not equal to idea.The beginning and end of problem should get to the process of composition teaching in look for. Though question in composition test pattern how turn over lately, the requested literary style always records a Xu text.This is reasonable, match regulation.The text that is so-called to record Xu is to record a person and recount, write a view, is a person, affairs and scenery in writing, is the emersion of person, affairs and scenery.So well record a Xu text have to record a person, recount, write a view to attain image first, concrete and vivid.This is 1 from prepare a beginning beginning and then have to gradually have of foundation effort.However our composition teachings are at the first stage usually is neglect even is seriously neglected the development of this foundation effort.Have no or lacked this foundation effort, so record inevitable empty talk of Xu text to connect thin bone Ling of article Ding, make people can't move people, either to the realistic feeling, talk to not and bestly record a Xu text naturally. So where does this foundation effort come from?The composition teaching of junior high school would guide student's academic association to observe a life in the beginning and developed the habit and ability of observation life.Record the image of Xu, concrete, vivid, is the careful and thoughtful inevitable reflection of observation.So should make use of various means guides in this stage composition teaching the student learn to observe his/her own life, this is a world of all inclusive:The facilities in the classroom, the outline and color of teaching mansion, hoist a flag each link of morning exercise, the noisy and vigorous condition of sports games, plants in hospital in the school etc.;Is gradual again open their range of experience extension:The street of raging river of cars and trucks, in a hurry and up and down the crowd of class, new China bookstore inside people are absorbed in to browse and buy the expression of book, the natural tremendous landscape lovely view of the tourist attraction etc.;Gradually guide them again to observe an affair, an affairs, observe their start, process, result, this is to guide them to study to recount;Again be guide their observer, observe parents, classmate and teacher, observe their appearance, language of expression and deal with affairs various details of behavior.Thus, the parents, classmate and teacher is all living image in their heart, write in the composition the ability is lifelike. On this foundation, arriving the empress stage of junior high school will make the student know, a truely and excellently record a Xu text still must be is richer than a content, can give people to inspire.But this kind of content isn't an in addition of, substantial is observation life of a kind of insight.For example the flower blossomed and thanked, the road of champion, helpless failure etc., any thing development varieties all have its proper basis, all have it the philosophy for containing.Observed, discovered, your recorded a Xu text to there is also abundant content. The period of the summer vacation, beginning three students want to want to write a good composition, should value development and exaltation and cautiously observe living habit and ability by himself/herself and study how to record the Xu to the person, affairs concrete, image, vivid.

Make New Year's visit

Make New Year's visit
make New Year's visit is a delightful matter to me.
the beginning of the year two, I early rise early bed, put on new suit, new pants and new shoes, prepare to still have an uncle to make ceremonial call at grandpa Jiu's house with father mother, I am getting more happy.
grandpa Jiu's house is on the 墱 , is the direction that goes to expensive pond, very near.Embarked a bus before my family, the beginning of the year two make ceremonial call of the person is still really many, on the bus even an empty seats all have no, really is a crowd hustle!I connect the places of station to all have no and O.K. have father the mother at me nearby.Not and in a short while was 墱 up, get off, what to print into an eyelid was the house of one row row to still have the most dazzling shopping city, mother at in bought some gifts.Not distance, see grandpa Jiu be full of smiles the ground says "hello" with us, I blurt out:Grandpa Jiu's New Year good!Grandpa Jiu says:New Year good!New Year good!Finish saying, get we arrive at his house, grandpa Jiu's house lives to be on the fourth floor, can pant noisily what I walked, really tiring.
on walking into grandpa Jiu's house, they go fetch the a lot of and delicious, there is dried melon seeds, almond, pine nut and raisin, is all what I like to eat, I am eating thing and lookinging at a television.They still ask me and study not very good, have a progress.
we talked to talk to is time of having the lunch, I big the big ground eats, the aunt uses a very little tiny paper cup and arrived one cannikin snow green jade for me, I drank an one mouthful, is really great pole.
had a meal later on, grandmother Jiu gave me a red envelope and wished me to like study.I happily once connected red envelope and said a voice thanks and took leave grandmother Jiu, uncle Biao drove us home.
, the felling for making New Year's visiting can really like!

CD activity

CD activity
the CD activity just and in imposing arraily develop in the whole country, fierce line of economy already adult of behavior standard.
just school begins soon, our school held a CD activity.After section 3 lesson ends in the morning, we line up tidy troops order to well arrangedly have a meal to the dining room.After the classmate of rice has rice divided divide, we respectively took a point vegetables to start eating.The meal in the bowl's wanting to eat up is a small vegetables to me is 1 disc, only I eat somely slow.Classmate of looking the other way a finishes eating to leave, while I have some meal in bowl, the in the mind is very worried.I really think to pour out meal, but I thought of that the teacher once said to us:One gruel is one rice, be to think to it not easy.Farmer uncle everyday sunrise but make, sunset but interest, Xin, a Chinese family name the pain bitterness grow a food, and then I like this and literally throw away glistening big rice, that I really want Kui to farmer uncle thought of these, I am again devoted to eat, until the meals in the bowl all finish eating, I just station start, slightly put the bowl to an appointed place, then just leave dining room.
although when I leave dining room, the classmate of inside already remain only a few, however I feel very happy, because of I today CD.I feel the idea that we should actively take part in a CD activity, set up an industry and thrift economy and form awaring of self of a kind of life and vogue.


My happy life

My happy life
have no communist have no lately Chinese time flies, time flies, day after day, year by year.On July 1 this year, it is the anniversary that great Communist Party of China establishes 90 anniversaries.Return to hope in the past, we recovered Hong Kong and Macau and successfully held an Olympic Games, World Exposition, aerospace the seventh and Charng-er successfully shot an etc. on the second.These are good enough to let us to feel proud and proud of.
listen to grandpa say, their in those days, can go to school of can really not much, don't even say a female kid.Wear of is beating to repair the dress trousers of D, what to eat is grass root leaf, what to live is a grass building, usually rain heavily outdoors, there is light rain inside the house.Toss about can not go to bed for a night.Say nothing of car, which house have to break a three-wheeled cart, have the set small radio be all spread the Fei Fei is satisfied.
now, we moved a city from the village and lived in the small area of an environment daintiness, a floating many-storied building towers aloft in the turf-grass.Multiply by elevator, arrived at the fifth floors, pushed away red front door, the light in gold yellow covered with hall, the LCD of 38 inches big color television puts on the beautiful combination furniture and by the wall puts to turn a Cape leather sofa, the flank of the leather sofa is a video-disc machine, put a cleverly made cellular phone on the tea side-table, the marble floor is clean and smooth, the overhead is a ceiling, the dime of dining room puts the refrigerator of one set beauty, there is a big bookcase in the den, in filled up a book, like 《Andersen's nursery tale 》 , 《ice heart the prose gather 》 , and 《1,001 nights 》s...etc..Put one set computer on the table, can also get to the Internet!Father sends me to go to school with the small car every day, our school is very big, there are big drill ground, small drill ground, computer building, and teaching building...etc..We sit study in the bright classroom every day, at spacious of drill ground up carefree play, is how happiness!
we are the blossoms of motherland, we demand rain dew, even need sunlight, would bloom more beautiful, more colorful.My happy life
I lived at the food and clothing without the family of sorrow since the childhood, although father often said with mother poor kept son, enriched foster daughter, can I know, they are also end in talk, almost is in every possible way satisfy to my this son's request, probably, in other people's eyes, this be happiness, can say in the mind words, I all could not feel at 1:00, until one day, I just truely feel that I is happy.
that is me nine first anniversary birthdays of that day of, because of happy, the Mom and Dad all drank more several cups, while coming downstairs from the hotel, they are all busy they are urgently hasty of go toward back and walk, is walking to not and far turn Cape place, the mother probably saw me don't keep up with them and suddenly stopped a step, full face the returning of angry countenance is readying to good Xun and scold the time that I work dalliance, my first sight the mouth surprise of mother Zhang Zhu not already of facial expression, the momentary is on stairs in the hotel of run about of the persons all stop under step, voice calm down almost within hearingly and embroider and spend and fall to the ground, see a mother that kind of heartfelt happy tears Hua following of Hua the cheeks flow, I imitate a Buddha and hear mother and flow in the Qian stage dialogue in the tears:Kid, you are really great.I don't understand of wrinkle up the time of eyebrows, heard an aunt, big Yi, there is also the voice that the attendant in the hotel almost sends out at the same time, my face blushes to redly frighten into inaction a while.
you attended to F to run, only my this little grandson wanted to come to hand me to come downstairs steps.Old what grandmother loved deeply of the hair white dauts my head to happily toward a father mother to say.I this just understands to come over a while.
son, good kind of.Father takes wine spirit to hug me to say in the bosom.I continue of hand a standing down of old grandmother one step one step stairs, the in the mind was like to infuse honey similar sweet.
is really a good kind of, since the childhood see greatly, the society in nowadays contained kid like this, rare ah.The attendant conflicting views of hotel discusses, I felt have never had relaxedly all over at that time and paid no attention to thought of that our school writes in the school admonish on the wall:The adult becomes just succeed.Father probably thoughted of a cake of with me and endorsed of blunt I stuck out thumb.Suddenly, I felt those new toys, the new game brings of the brief happiness can not compare of happiness.Because, this is a kind of heartfelt endorse.
from now on, I became a kin friend education kid's model:You see somebody elses much reasonable you are good friends with to learn you to say so much, also have than this more happy life?
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