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Jen Hanlon Ash
· September 3, 2017
Outlet store is ah.may.zing!!! Go fully hydrated because you'll be getting quite a workout trying on all the cute clogs and boots. Consider this your cardio for... the day. Another brilliant feature in the outlet: there's a huge, comfy napping couch for the weary spouse or bored kid to stretch out. My husband was literally snoring last time I shopped there! I left with a fresh supply of clogs and he left feeling refreshed too. When does that ever happen on a shopping trip??? See More
Anastacia Parks
· April 14, 2017
After dealing with Sven customer service I realize Sven doesn't care about their customers. I have purchased several shoes from Sven Clogs and was just beginnin...g to only wear these shoes. I ordered a pair of shoes online and received completely the wrong pair of shoes, wrong color and were men's shoes, way too big to be the correct size. I thought, "Sven must be a decent enough company to help me rectify this situation" so I emailed Lisa at Sven with pictures of the shoes I received and my invoice of what I ordered. This leads me to the worst customer service I have ever received in my life. My email correspondent tried to dismiss me by saying the shoes I received were the correct color. So I sent more pictures of the shoes, showing that they were not correct. Then I hear NOTHING for two weeks, meanwhile I call several times to try and get help and get told I have to wait for Lisa to contact me. Finally out of the blue I am emailed abruptly that Sven hasn't received the shoes yet. No, because no one cared enough to communicate what I need to do!! So I tell her I'm sending them but I had to pay 20$ in shipping and asked if they would refund me that also because this wasn't my fault. Lisa doesn't have the time of day to Fully communicate with me and ignores my request for shipping reimbursement by saying that they are waiting to see what color the shoes really are... Okay that sounds insane and is very rude. Sven didn't believe me to the point they told me so, even though I sent pictures. Needless to say I finally got a refund which surprised me to be honest. I was afraid to even send them back and get shafted. I still lost 20$ On shipping by sending the shoes back. I will never purchase from Sven again, nor will the women I work with that also purchase from Sven. I am really saddened that Sven has such unprofessional email correspondence and handles situations like this. See More
Andrew Sebastian Borchert
· March 28, 2017
I am embarrassed, as a Minnesotan, that some people from out of state have to use interactions with employees of this company as their sole metric from judging ...the quality of people coming out of Minnesota. When the company made a mistake and shipped the wrong clogs they took multiple attempts over many days just to get in touch with the employee responsible for correcting their mistake. Lisa the proceeded to insist that they are not themselves responsible for covering the shipping costs to ship back the incorrect clogs they sent and for them to ship back the proper clogs here. I am ashamed that people represent themselves this way See More
Jayne Jill DeBoer
· January 24, 2016
I wish I could say I had a great 5 star experience...Unfortunately, not! I am on my feet 10-12 hours a day, and thought I'd give a small town local business m...y business. I went there, midweek, before Christmas, prepared to buy at least a pair, if not more. I tried several on, waited for someone who worked there to come and help, nobody was around. I kept trying shoes on, went into the clearance area, then decided on two pair, but had a few questions since I've only worn Dansko clogs, I wanted to talk to someone about Sven. Finally, a lady showed up at the counter, so I approached the register, not only did she not smile or help me, not even a greeting! She was talking to someone else from the back, apparently she was going on break...the next lady came out, did the same thing, so I figured they must not need my business. Both, as I approached, decided they had better things to do. I did send them a message, but that has been unanswered. Too bad, seems like it could be a great product. I do half expect this at big box stores, not here, I was not impressed. See More
Meg Corcoran
· October 22, 2016
Take a deep breath before you walk into Sven's. It's a little overwhelming, but you got this, girl. Sales staff is plenty helpful, patient and knowledgable, but... really, you're free to go it alone as you try on a bazillion different styles in every color imaginable. Silly Minnesota. You really do have everything. See More
Claire Bootsma
· March 2, 2016
So comfortable and so cute! Shopping at the outlet store is a fun experience. Getting to try on the clogs in person is great as sometimes the same size will a little differently from clog to clog. While you're still going to be spending a decent chunk of money when you buy from the outlet this is the best deal on quality clogs you'll find. These shoes are made to last a lifetime. I really like the extra rubber on the sole of Sven clogs compared to Swedish Hasbeens. I own a lot of Sven and Hasbeen clogs and find the thicker rubber on the Sven clogs makes walking impact a little more comfortable. See More
Stephanie Nelson
· August 7, 2016
Love Sven clogs! Wore them for my wedding! Comfortable and they were helpful with my custom order. I've done other custom orders and encountered them at a store... in Boulder,CO in 2004. The fun colors and comfort keep me coming back and I have a variety of styles in my collection. Keep up the awesome products! See More
Meredith Singer
· June 17, 2016
Worse shopping experience of my life. I never got my clogs and lost $70 in the process. My emails asking why my order was cancelled were completely ignored,, if the reviews on this page are any indication, is standard operating procedure over at Sven. I attempted to order clogs in a 40 narrow. Customer service told me I would have to send in a tracing, which I did. They sent me clogs in a size 42 that were far too big and too wide to even be worn without falling off my feet. Customer service said I could mail the clogs back and exchange them. I paid expensive international shipping rates to mail the clogs back. Then, I waited for 3 weeks with no contact from Sven. When I finally contacted them to find out what in the world was going on, they said that they had received the clogs, but, for some reason, asked me again what size I needed--although I had clearly written the size on the exchange form as instructed. A couple of weeks later, I received a very brief email with grammatical errors saying that my payment (evidently minus the significant amount of money I paid for shipping) had been refunded and that they would "not be able to make my clogs." I sent multiple return emails asking for an explanation, but they have all been completely ignored. See More
Margaret Meadors
· October 19, 2016
Got introduced to my first pair through a new pair of natural high heels from a resale shop. Had never heard of them and for the price (and based on their grea...t looks) took a chance. They've been the most comfortable and I get more compliments on them than any shoe I own. And I've always been a Mr. Seymour/Stuart Weitzman fan. See More
Pamala Jane
· November 27, 2015
The best clogs in the known universe. They are comfortable and stylish, I wear my Svens everyday for 10 hours straight and never have tired feet. They are wel...l made and have stood up to lots of recess duty, walking around the playground on wood chips in all types of weather. Their customer service is fantastic. See More
Kim Gullett
· April 12, 2016
Incredible shoes and excellent customer service. My first pair of Sven's are perfect and they won't be my last. Thank you very much for helping me find the perfect fit.
Tina Marie
· May 25, 2016
Amazing company......outstanding staff, the most comfortable and stylish shoes, with so many different styles and colors to choose from ! I'll admit.
I'm a Sven-a-holic!
Julie Dahl
· September 22, 2016
Super comfy, & stylish. Try to leave the store with just one pair, I challenge you. Friendly service, can't wait to return.
Jill Reller
· May 22, 2016
My FAVORITE shoes are Sven clogs! It's time to replace the clogs that I want to wear everyday. Yep, I pick them over any other shoe. :)
Gloria Keifer Brown
· December 13, 2015
Love my clogs, just don't wear them in deep wet snow they are called clogs for a reason.
Maureen Nilsen
· November 20, 2015
Great service at the outlet store, and wonderful, high quality clogs! I love mine!
Laurie Feldman
· December 29, 2015
beautiful, warm and comfortable. worth very penny!
Mercedes Rendon
· September 16, 2015
I love those clogs. I need to know where I can buy them.
Melissa Petrich
· November 6, 2015
I bought 2 pairs on Sunday and haven't stopped wearing them.
Sophia Bridges
· September 18, 2015
I have the Uggs Just like these they are Awesome .
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