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Friday, March 05, 2010

Is Jerry West Overrated as a GM?

Ask the average pro basketball fan or media member, "Who's been the best NBA general manager of the last 30 years?" and the answer you are very likely to hear in return is "Jerry West." West would win any such poll by acclamation, as he has assumed a legendary status as a personnel evaluator.

I certainly think that Jerry West has a very good eye for personnel, but I have tended to believe that West has ultimately been overrated as a GM because he had a huge advantage over the competition in working for the Lakers, the league's marquee franchise - the clear-cut no. 1 most attractive market to players, in terms of both city and team.

It's a big year for Jerry-Westology, with Roland Lazenby's biography, Jerry West: The Life and Legend of a Basketball Icon , having just been released, and a new autobiography from West himself coming in the fall.

Despite the double shot of West books, the main impetus which caused me to reconsider this topic was actually a couple of notes in the recent Magic/Bird book (with Jackie MacMullan), When The Game Was Ours , as well as The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons.

Namely, let's go back to the 1979 NBA Draft, when Bill Sharman was the Lakers' general manager and West was a key member of the front office (he would become general manager after the 1981-82 season). This Simmons footnote caught my eye:

Say what now? I feel like I should even go HBO Real Sports on you here, and repeat the information again gratuitously for emphasis.

When The Game Was Ours confirmed the story:Let's not underestimate Sidney Moncrief here - he was a hell of a player who may yet make it into the Hall of Fame, but it obviously would have been a serious error to draft him over Magic Johnson, and a setback to the efforts of building a championship Lakers team in the '80s. The fact that Buss and Sharman had to save West from himself here seems like a strike against the Logo.

This is my main beef with West as a GM: I've believed that the acquisitions of the superstars which keyed each of the two championship runs he presided over were acquired due to tremendous good fortune as much as West's acumen.

In the '80s, the two cornerstones were of course Magic, whom we just discussed, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was acquired via trade in 1975. Let the record show that West was fortunate not only just because he inherited Kareem, but also because of the advantage of the L.A. market - Kareem specifically requested that he be traded to either New York or Los Angeles.


As far as the superstars of the early-2000s run, West of course deserves much credit for having the eye to spot Kobe Bryant's talent when few others did, and being ahead of the curve early in the preps-to-pros era. However, I don’t believe that West ever would have landed Bryant if he hadn’t been with the Lakers.

The New Jersey Nets also had Kobe evaluated as potential star and sat ahead of the Lakers in the draft at no. 8. L.A. was at no. 13 after West traded Vlade Divac for the Hornets’ pick.

So, how and why did Kobe land in Hollywood instead of the Meadowlands? There have always been conflicting accounts on the specifics. Lazenby’s account is quite charitable to West. Dime ran this brief excerpt in a recent story:Here is how Chris Sheridan, then with the AP, reported things in 2002, when the Lakers and the Nets met in the Finals:Perhaps the most entertaining account of the saga comes (unsurprisingly) from Sonny Vaccaro, who was with Adidas at the time, and wanted to make Bryant a centerpiece of the company’s basketball marketing. He told his version of the tale in rollicking detail back in December on Chris Vernon’s radio show in Memphis. It’s a highly recommended listen.

Vaccaro claims that Kobe's father, Joe Bryant, told the Nets brass on the day of the draft that "Kobe wasn't going to go to New Jersey, he was going to go to Italy." It was a plausible bluff, considering Kobe spent a few years of his childhood in Italy when Joe played there. But Vaccaro then said, "I doubt with the competitiveness of Kobe Bryant that he would have gone to Italy. We'll never know."

Kobe wanted to go to L.A., it was clear. As Vaccaro said, "First of all, it's Jerry West, and it's the guy on the [logo] and all that stuff. And it's the Lakers. There is something to it. It wasn't like Jerry West was with the Omaha Mushriders."

John Nash and John Calipari were every bit as accurate as Jerry West was, but they did not have the power of the Lakers franchise behind them. Yes, West was shrewd in his evaluation of Kobe Bryant, but without the Lakers, he never would have landed him.


I have to admit that I started this piece very strongly believing that Jerry West was overrated as a GM, but my research into the Shaq signing has shifted my position a little bit. I carried the common misconception that, because he signed for less money in L.A. than Orlando ultimately offered, Shaq had planned all along to head to Hollywood no matter what.

In reality, it was a much bolder gamble by West which pushed the signing forward in the summer of 1996. Though, still, the move was only plausible because the L.A. Lakers were one of the few franchises with the marquee value suitable for Shaq. He never woulda been goin' to Memphis, no matter who was there.

Steve Springer did an outstanding job piecing together the Laker moves of the pivotal "Summer of '96" for the L.A. Times back in 2001. Here’s an excerpt:Longtime Magic executive Pat Williams, the man of a million books, had enormous amounts of praise for West in his book The Paradox of Power :It wasn't fated, I'm a believer. West deserves a lot of credit for making the Shaq signing happen, but again, if he hadn’t been with the L.A. Lakers, he never would have been in the conversation.


One area in which West was undeniably outstanding was in filling out his championship teams with the right players around his superstars.

West grabbed franchise mainstay A.C. Green with a late first-round pick in 1985, and then did the same with Derek Fisher in 1996. He boldly replaced popular vet Norm Nixon with rookie Byron Scott in 1983.

And West also picked a good fit in going with James Worthy over Dominique Wilkins and Terry Cummings with the no. 1 overall pick in the 1982 draft. Nique and Cummings were so good that I'm not sure either would have derailed Showtime, but West's logic that Big Game James was a better fit as a third wheel who didn't need the ball as much as Dominique would have is plausibly sound.

Also, West was ahead of the curve on international players with his selection of Vlade Divac in 1989, a great value pick late in the first round.

One other note in When The Game Was Ours which jumped out at me was about Bill Walton, when he was looking to change teams in the summer of 1985:Whoa – the key acquisition which pushed the Celtics from Finals losers in 1985 to all-time great in 1986 could have been negated by West.

That said, Walton was already broken down by 1986-87, when West made up for that error with his trade for Mychal Thompson, seen as a Pau Gasol-like fleecing of its time, which pushed the Lakers over the top to an all-time great season of their own.


Some people note that West lifted the Grizzlies to their best seasons by far during his tenure there. This is true, but it is also true that Memphis never won a single playoff game there. First-round exits are not what legendary GM status is made of. Just ask Kevin McHale.

West never got his superstar in Memphis, losing out on one of the ultimate all-or-nothing NBA moments in the 2003 LeBron Lottery, when the Grizzlies had to give their pick to Detroit if it was anything below no. 1. Of course, West was left empty-handed when Memphis ended up no. 2 (though Detroit arguably ended up with less-than-nothing in Darko Milicic…).

My favorite moment, however, came after the 2007 draft lottery, right before West stepped down as the Grizzlies general manager. Memphis had the worst record in the league in 2006-07, but ended up just no. 4 in the lottery. Afterward, West said, "It's grossly unfair to the team, but I've said it before, I don't think the lottery is fair."

It has to be one of the richest comments in NBA history: Jerry West complaining that things were unfair to him, after building a legend as a executive on the back of the huge advantage of the L.A. market and Lakers franchise.


After all this, one thing which has made me more sympathetic to West is trying to figure out who's been better, especially after looking back at Kelly Dwyer's list of the top 10 GM's of the 2000s.

The list is headed by San Antonio's R.C. Buford. The Spurs' arc really hasn't been much different than West's with the Lakers. They've done an outstanding job of unearthing the right players to fill in around the great fortune of winning two prized lotteries for David Robinson (1987) and Tim Duncan (1997), without whom the rest wouldn't be possible.

Go back a decade, and Jerry Krause would be near the top. As good as he was in building the Bulls' roster, the one essential thing he did was inherit Michael Jordan.

Other guys on Kelly's list include Donnie Nelson and Kevin Pritchard, GMs fortunate to have the advantage of largely unlimited spending.

Geoff Petrie and Joe Dumars both justifiably made the list as well. I thought that both men did significantly more impressive jobs than West in building their contenders and, in Dumars' case, champions in the 2000s. But Dumars has been atrocious in recent years, and Petrie has seemed to have fallen behind the times in recent years. Neither has been as consistent for as long as West was.

All in all, it shows that being fortunate in one way or another is a key element of becoming legendary as an NBA GM (or as a coach, really). I still think that Jerry West is overrated as a general manager, and I still don't think he is the mythical figure he's made out to be as a personnel man. But when I ask the question: "Who's been consistently better than Jerry West in the post-merger era?", it's tough for me to come up with anyone.

posted by M. Haubs @ 5:31 AM   142 comments

142 Comments: At 3:45 PM, Anonymous   Anonymous said...

This is like saying Picasso couldn't draw sh!t with a bic pen.

How long will it take for people to realize that drafts are about a 95% crapshoot?

  At 6:23 AM, Anonymous   Anonymous said...

Damn fine argument posed here. Sharman played a huge role in that Magic decision, if for no other reason than to confirm Buss's and Jack Kent Cooke's instincts.

As for Kobe and Calipari, all of these other elements presented a huge factor. But according to the Nets' internal perception, the deal closer was West talking Cal into Cal doing what he probably already wanted to do.

Do I give West the GM the same heavy credence as others? Yes, to a degree, but the book hardly touches on his career as an administrator. It focuses on his life and playing career, as my editors asked me to do.
If it had been a book about West the GM, I might have been able to attack each and every element with great detail.
Perhaps I should have avoided Kobe Bryant's drafting altogether. It's funny that the things mentioned in the final chapter have drawn so much media scrutiny.
They are not the focus of this book.

Thanks for all that you do on The Painted Area. As always, your posts present compelling arguments and great food for thought.


Roland Lazenby

  At 7:24 PM, Anonymous   Anonymous said...

I guess anyone can put together some drivel and call it an argument and an article.

Jerry West overrated?
Good God, get a clue.

  At 12:37 PM, Anonymous   GS said...

Hm..interesting that when it fits the argument, LA is the marquee franchise. Otherwise, it's Boston and New York.

Also interesting, is that once again we come to the question of luck vs. skill. What is amazing to me, however, is that the Jerry West just got lucky, and lucky, over and over again.

Better lucky than good? I guess so. But you have to realize that the author of this story isn't going exactly off of primary sources.

  At 12:44 PM, Anonymous   Anonymous said...

Yes, lucky and lucky.

West evaluated Kobe correctly. West traded his started center for a draft pick. West convinced kobe to play in LA.

Just lucky event after lucky event. Successful people aren't just lucky- they put themselves in a position to take advantage of opportunities when they come up.

I don't understand why the fact that Jerry is well regarded as a GM irks your petty little mind.

  At 1:45 PM, Anonymous   Anonymous said...

So, in referencing other GMs lower int eh article, it says they were blessed with unlimited budgets.

Is there not a salary cap?

  At 2:37 PM, Anonymous   meg osterhag. said...

all you needed to do was write: troy bell at #16.

  At 2:48 PM, Anonymous   dave said...

"[Shaq] never woulda been goin' to Memphis, no matter who was there."

Especially since, at the time that Shaq left Orlando, there was no team in Memphis. The Grizzlies were in Vancouver at the time.

  At 8:45 AM, Anonymous  Mick said...

I find it amusing that the gist of article seems to be that West is good but used the power of the Lakers franchise to his benefit. What you fail to mention is that the Lakers franchise was and is powerful in no small part due to Jerry West, both as a player and as a GM.

  At 6:23 PM, Anonymous   Anonymous said...

I think I just a couple of IQ points just reading this drivel.

No person is perfect, and that's basically the jist of your argument- 'look, west wasn't right every time so he's over-rated!".

And, yes, West had certain advantages as the GM of LA. But, what did the GM of the Knicks do even though their team was also a major market as well

A lot of GMs have advantages- they're also GMs of major markets, they have owners willing to spend like Paul Allen, they have a lot of high draft picks, they inherited a lot of talent, etc..

It is simply amazing that the Lakers were so good for so long under West. That's a very hard thing to do; look at how the Celtics and Bulls wandered in the desert after their championships run.

  At 11:43 AM, Anonymous   Anonymous said...

The Celtics "wandered in the desert after their championships run" due to the deaths of Reggie Lewis and Len Bias.


  At 10:52 AM, Anonymous  EddieMex said...

Mr. Logo... enough said.

Great post. I always wanted to hear the backstory on how Shaq ended up on the Lakers. We didnt have the internet let alone twitter back then to get the scoop.

Thank you.

  At 11:00 AM, Blogger  Armani said...

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  At 5:35 AM, Anonymous   Anonymous said...

Our son made this replica of the old Boston Garden. We watched him make all the miniature pieces with his own hands. There was a lot of sweat and deep love for this building that went into this replica. We are all so very proud of him .

  At 7:33 AM, Anonymous   Anonymous said...

'He never woulda been goin' to Memphis, no matter who was there.' Shaq was savvy in 1996. He knew there wasn't an NBA team in Memphis at the time.

  At 7:45 AM, Anonymous   Anonymous said...

Never a bad idea to go back and reevaluate legends. At the same time West was apparently wavering between Magic and Moncrief, Auerbach was drafting Bird a year early, which I see as genius. During the years Auerbach overlaps West, there's your answer to 'who's better.'

Good to keep an open mind while pursuing a question and include your second thoughts in the article. I thought it was excellent, you put the case out for people to agree or disagree with.

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