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Kristin Rye Frisvold

Kristin Rye Frisvold sitt profilbilde
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Om Kristin Rye Frisvold

  • Fana Gymnas - Offisiell Side
    Bergen, Hordaland
  • Hop Ungdomsskole
    Bergen, Hordaland
Nåværende bosted og hjemsted
  • Bergen, Hordaland
    Nåværende bosted
  • Bergen, Hordaland
Om Kristin
  • Jeg elsker Ane, Camilla og Sigrid ♥♥♥
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Kristin Rye Frisvold sitt bilde.
Kristin Rye Frisvold sitt bilde.
Kristin Rye Frisvold sitt bilde.
Kristin Rye Frisvold sitt bilde.
Kristin Rye Frisvold sitt bilde.
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Salut a vous tous e ttoutes, je vous laisse mettre dans cette rubrique en commentaires TOUS vos métiers ainsi que jeurs LVL respectifs.

Merci a vous tous e ta tres bientot sur Dofus.


Commentaires (179)

1. Cali-nette 21/03/2008

Alchimiste lvl 78
Paysan lvl 31
Mineur lvl 24
+sur autre perso:
Bijoutier lvl 47
Bucheron lvl 28
Tailleur lvl 7
Forgeur de marteaux lvl 2

2. the-philosophe 21/03/2008

tailleurlvl 6

3. Fimo 21/03/2008

Mineur lvl 52
Bijoutier lvl 35
Bucheron lvl 25

4. chrichrichri 21/03/2008

voila moi c'est

boulanger 51

paysan 32

5. wald-kech 21/03/2008

~alchimiste lvl 31
~boulanger lvl 27

6. Elara 21/03/2008

Artisan lvl 46
Boulanger lvl 87

7. wuchaa 22/03/2008

Boulanger lvl 100
Paysan lvl mini 30
cordonier lvl mini 30

8. Parinor 22/03/2008

Bucheron lvl 30

9. chepserkaf 26/03/2008

alchimiste lvl 69

paysan lvl 38

boulanger lvl 53

10. hamza 28/03/2008

alchi lvl 30
boulanger lvl 45

11. Wuchaa 28/03/2008

Petite mise a jour:
Boulanger lvl100
Paysan lvl 52
Chasseur lvl 1

12. antlemecau 29/03/2008

paysan lvl33

13. zhido 02/04/2008

moi paysan 22 et boulanfer 53 voila ^^

14. sir-dec 02/04/2008

Alchimiste niv 31
Bucheron niv 10

ET pour diabolik girl
paysan niv 30
Boulanger niv 30

15. quiksilver-volcom 06/04/2008

boulanger lvl 50
paysan lvl 31

16. xcarox 08/04/2008

alchimiste lvl 31
tailleur lvl 7
voila c est mes metiers^^

17. destructors-mans 08/04/2008

boulanger lvl 57
paysan lvl 39
voila mais c est pour l instant^^

18. Tamprs 08/04/2008

boulanger lvl 88

paysan lvl 77

et tailleur lvl 8

19. xeloli 10/04/2008

bricoleur lvl 2 je ses ses nulmes chian a ogmenter

20. lafleurdelotus 27/04/2008

mineur nvl 15

21. chrichrichri 02/05/2008

petite misse a jour voila

boulanger lev 100
paysan lev 100
coordonier lev 28

22. zorolpistemasqu 09/05/2008

moi sa va
alchi lvl 68(70 dans pas longtemps
bucheron lvl 38 (presk 40)
et tailleur lvl.......4 dsl^^

23. Nolaugh 23/05/2008

bucheron 44
mineur 22

24. sadou-bleu 26/05/2008

chui boulanger lvl 32 é paysan lvl 4

25. Wuchaa 27/05/2008

Petite mise à jour des métiers
Boulangère lvl 100
Paysanne lvl 64
Poissonnière lvl 12

26. Antlemecau 27/05/2008

Paysan 24

27. Davedave 29/05/2008

Bonjour suis nouveau mes métier son bijoutier niv 38et boulanger niv 17, sur mes autre perso j'ai coodonier et tailleur

28. rommantica 29/05/2008

Paysanne 100 ,
Boulangère 100,
Alchimiste 60,

( je peux vous couper en infini , Je peux aussi aider les bijoutier , car pour l'amulette paysanne i faut des ressources des champs )

Cordialement :p

29. destructors-mans 30/05/2008

boulanger lvl 90
paysan lvl 50

30. youpin 06/06/2008

lol xd ces severe

31. badboyduporge (site web) 16/06/2008

boulanger: lvl 24
paysan: lvl 23

32. Volldka 20/06/2008

Moi je suis:

Boulangere 92
Paysanne 52

3eme métié je cherches lol si vous avez des idées a me proposé xD

33. basketkmi 02/07/2008

mes metiers:
bijoutier lvl 3
paysan lvl 17
bucheron lvl 30

34. Nardrog 06/07/2008

je suis paysan niveau euh... 16 je crois et boulanger euh... 56 je suis pas très sur enfin voila si vs avez besoin de quoique ce soit mp moi ^^

35. bencarbon 08/07/2008


sculteur d'arc lvl 47 et paysan lvl 70.

36. kaizorbi 16/07/2008

je suis boulenger lvl 100
paysan lvl 64
mineur lvl 22
autre perso
tailleur lvl 4

37. alex-adidas (site web) 21/07/2008

je sui bucheron lvl 51 :

38. Pui$$ant A¤ch£¤ 23/07/2008

Slt c'est Pui$$Ant Arch£¤ je suis Paysant:40 boulanger:42

39. Angel-sonata 24/08/2008

Cordonnier lvl 15 ><

40. Barakafrit 03/11/2008

Chasseur lvl 54
Boucher lvl 54
Tailleur lvl 19

41. bahamult 24/11/2008

paysant lvl 100
boulanger lvl 100
alchie dans les lvl 60
bijoutier lvl 42 bien to 65 ^^

42. super-gear 26/11/2008

cool je passe forgeur dépé lvl 47

43. xx-magma 17/12/2008

tailleur lvl 16

44. Boucliez-Feka 18/12/2008

Pêcheur lvl 11

45. Wuchaa 20/12/2008

Petite mise à jour des métiers
Boulangère lvl 100
Paysanne lvl 76
Bricoleuse lvl 28

46. Stormdarky 21/12/2008

Paysan lvl 32
Boulanger lvl 35
Bijoutier lvl 2

Si quelqu'un a besoin de pain pas trop au lvl ^^' pensé a moi lol

47. Stormdarky 21/12/2008

ups dsl pour la faute ... Si quelqu'un a besoin de pain pas trop "haut" lvl pensé a moi voila c'est rectifié lol

48. Xelo-agillo 31/12/2008

Boulanger lvl100
Bijoutier lvl37
Paysan lvl13 ^^

49. Xelo-agillo 31/12/2008

Boulanger lvl100
Bijoutier lvl37
Paysan lvl13 ^^

50. Dark-Ladam 02/01/2009


Je suis:
Bijoutier lvl 10

et j'ai un perso:
alchimiste lvl 30

Merci et Bon jeu

51. Wuchaa 02/02/2009

Mise à jour des métiers:
Boulanger lvl 100
Paysan lvl 100
Bricoleur lvl 46 (je crafte clé dj blop!!!)

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The downtime in the web host must be meticulously scrutinized. The amount of time employed to conduct hosting company routine maintenance, plus the time of day the upkeep is carried out, should be taken into consideration. If they seem to be off the internet while in top hours or frequently during the entire month, you want a much better hold.

Support all of your information and facts, don't depend on any web host to do this. It's up to you to ensure you back your website frequently. This is the only way to make sure a challenge doesn't destroy your data. If your site is SEO intensive, it really is especially important to not take a risk on dropping everything that operate.

Be sure that there are actually no service fees for cancellation. You might choose to end your service following weeks. When you visit stop, you might find out of the firm carries a large cancellation fee. This can be a traditional exercise, particularly for internet hosting professional services which are economical. Be sure to really know what the effects is going to be of stopping a legal contract earlier.

Low-cost web hosts may not be the ideal solution. Whilst you'll without doubt be tempted by their the best prices, you should also know that they generally translate to inferior solutions. They sometimes possess a unsafe business model, or they are cutting corners in ways that will find yourself affecting your internet site.

Check out your would-be variety to discover what sort of web sites they take care of. A lot of cost-free internet sites supply only static pages, therefore you can't add more vocabulary scripts of your very own. If you realise on your own requiring a dynamic scripting site, you may need to find an affordable spend variety rather.

Do not allow the number of choices provided by web hosting service companies to overwhelm you. Above the recent years, countless new internet hosting providers have entered the market many offer rock-base rates. Do not forget that in internet hosting, like the majority of things, you get whatever you pay money for. You can slim the options straight down by in search of your top personal preferences in the hosting company, and looking at costs and choices accordingly.

A good hosting company is communicative. You will need a hold that interacts featuring its buyers and provide them facts about any updates or downtime and maintenance. It is additionally significant to experience a host company that could solution your concerns need to any problems arise.

Learn more about the backdrop of a website hosting assistance just before purchasing a program. Some suppliers make outlandish boasts or claims that can not be substantiated. Doing research is the simplest way to create the right selections.

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