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Fashion footwear UGG boots
November 11, 2010
Talking about the price of UGG boots

Talking about the price of UGG snow boots this winter, boots and snow, and the temperature is lower, UGG snow boots becomes hot commodity current. UGG product localization is to give consumers create luxury, comfort of high quality wearing environment, let consumer everyday can enjoy a comfortable and fashionable life. Warm light fashionable sn...ow boots became numerous MM first choice, this with the legendary brand snow boots can always grab all people’s eye, Australia Ugg is right choice.

UGG snow in winter boots becomes big popular, its design is simple and warm, UGG5803 total can snatch all people’s attention, excellent warmth and comfort become numerous women choose the primary condition, suitable for all kinds of melting of snow is tie-in dress up, not only can you make boots charming is spruce image, also is you absolutely the best weekend getaways dress up. Let the snow boots to care your feet! You deserve! Get to the point, and said to UGG price.

In the market “UGG” is to let person cannot clarify products of authenticity. From the analysis on price, a pair of boots some sell UGG snow is called 49 dollars, some sell 100 dollars, some sell 200 multivariate, 300 dollars, what’s for real? The price is very low, work relatively rough will authentic? According to an experienced seller says, in fact, many in Australian city see more for UGG snow boots “made in China”. Add various kinds of high copy, original single, tail goods UGG snow boots, so market in floods the market price is messy, can from dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, true and false distinguishes.

UGG snow boots quality goods prices generally for 500 above, small make up here not mention now China market situation, but one fact is imitated product emerge in endlessly, this is the customer demand rightness! There are some special paragraph probably want in 2000, discount UGG snow boots in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong has shops, other cities to buy are most shop, quality isn’t sure. Ugg5803 sand color, in Australia to buy cheaper than domestic cheap watches with 200-350 ranging from this kind of shoes don’t need to buy too good for cleaning time also more troublesome, buy high copy or a fake one actually pretty good also, the key is girls wear up good-looking.


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Fashion footwear UGG boots
November 10, 2010
Fashion girls’ UGG wearing tips

Now, so long as mentioning the snow boots, first let a person think of brand is America's UGG Australia -- it seems and magazines frequent emergence of star has the very big relations. Stars are always regardless of the four seasons to wear this cute, snow boots for women spare no effort to it and a "free" announcement.

Lovely style of "snow boots" ...in this one season rob do people's eye, let a person to its charm can't resist. No matter how big or small brand, brand, no matter go is "mature road" or "lovely bridge", all unbearable in snow boots fuss. Brushy soft nap, full of simple sense of face, bright color and luster boots - snow boots bring us not only the warm, and fashion.

Whether do you also chosen a belong to oneself that one?

The ugly boots is very practical

The origin of the snow boots very interesting, allegedly world war Australian will fur boots called a rounded head Ugly on (Ugly boots), which is now in the snow. UGG later referred to Boot, In 1994, an American registered trade mark UGG Australia, which also gradually become boots producer of China.

Snow boots most fascinating place lies in a fine fur all-sheep work. "Fur integration" is a kind of leather processing technology, utmost retained soft, density, breathable and warm characteristics. Meanwhile, hair and skin firm degree is higher, improves the boots durability. In addition, boots permeability is very good also, winter wear comfortable warmth, even wear in summer also won't feel very hot.

UGG snow boots classical collocation:

With a short remove theatrical makeup and costume is tie-in. For example, winter shorts, short skirt itself sense is nice, collocation can reflect more snow boots the simple sense of material.

OL people need not worry completely short UGG boots fur style is too lovely exaggeration, want to choose pair of color became no problem. Can choose shallow brown wool or winter coat, long style is in fashion this year, Inside take to knee length of personal long sweater or even body skirt, also is very stylish collocation, the collocation is very suitable for indoor and outdoor large temperature difference.

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Fashion footwear UGG boots
November 8, 2010
My twitter account!

Want to know more info about fashion UGG boots? Please Chat with me at twitter  : ugg_bailey!

Fashion footwear UGG boots
November 8, 2010
Top designer UGG

How UGG winter boots on a global fashionable up? The view is one of the heroine of Baywatch UGG snow boots, w. Pamela winter gentle taste, in the filming site is always a pair of UGG warm. After UGG snow boots became popular gift, fashionable to be bestowed favor on newly, of course it's warm and comfortable also beyond doubt. Some people don'...t understand so ugly boots why liked, but in feet deep boots, stood up to take two steps after, may be UGG admirers (at least also no longer doubt its comfortable and warm characteristics). Ugg snow boots wholesale ugg not only can match on net of tight pants Britney Spears, and four years ago the mini teamed with ugg. Even in Oprah shortly before the UGG listed again she 2009 favorite items one.


These sheepskin snow boots can be traced back to the first source of European immigrants arriving in Australia. UGG5803 they found sheepskin boots particularly warm comfortable. Ignoring compel who made the first pair of sheep leather boots, anyway is made a classic of the eternal. Australians like outdoor activities, water skiing and love beach person may be on the beach wear sheep leather shoes warm. Because the local people in all things ugg wholesale ugg love abbreviation, boots, so "ugly snow boots" became ugg boots. Because in most classic UGG boots thick heavy no appearance, so usually people eye, is ugly shoes.


UGG boot is always popular brand, it is nifty and contour and the first-class wool all let warm can again this winter spread. In fact ugg classic tall in today's many shoes are embodied lots of fashionable element, although classical money is a recognized, but it is undeniable that its home design also more and more diversified.



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Fashion footwear UGG boots
November 8, 2010

Quality UGG boots at http://www.snowbootsdance.com, save up to 50%!

Fashion footwear UGG boots
November 7, 2010
Skills of wearing UGG boots

New ugg drilling a look, namely bulky and ugly, but is such a pair of boots spread all over the world but in these years! Maybe anti ancient has become a fashion! In view of UGG snow boots popularity, add to the uncoordinated style, how to make it more collocation is temperamental, the problem has been bothering many want to buy but tardy, dare... not start MM. Now describe these skills!

  • Lovely type

Hip and his thighs loose tapered jeans to take in the snow boots. Can the snow boots dug out a thick flash here, let narrow trouser more foil a fluffy cute, coat pitched loose leisure clothing or T-shirt, still can match loose with national flavor coat build mix the taste.

  • Recreational feeling

Ugg shoes collocation slightly loose indigo blue wash jeans can appear very optional is comfortable and black sweater more added a cool taste, a little neuter feeling, colorful scarves and cap passes unruly new flavor, if feel a little cool evening outside, you can prepare a coat.

  • British flavor

Winter boots and 7 minutes of pants collocation can make leg’s curve more perfect show. Black is tight collocation of 7 minutes of pants soft white T-shirt, then put on a piece of light color brief paragraph suit type coat, hat is to show strong ties and British flavor cannot little deserve to act the role of, collocation of light snow in boots, let whole more balance.

  • Star flavor

Want to have star feeling, must have big-name demeanor, then dress up to concise and effective. Slim black pencil pants tie-in and same black brief paragraph snow boots, don't worry will look not to come out boots, though it is also is black, but because cowboy and different, still have very big difference. Coat matching simple in paragraph vest, brown Chanel bag, can you add many imposing manner, have primordial illuminative knitting cap and big sunglasses also let you star flavor is dye-in-the-wood ah.

  • Street feels

Not just jeans can match snow boots, military flavor of loose overalls can still very give prize. Will loose trouser all bundled into boots, coat with a simple T-shirt or condole, as far as possible can add cardigan coat can show a little short fine waist, if you want to taste more sexy powerful some street in pants collocation some monochromatic or color pants, T - BACK, but must choose appropriate can Lou in the outside of that kind of, lest get embarrassed. Wide tattered feeling scarf can let the part does not appear so thin, again tie-in a baseball cap or cap, want not to attract eyeball all not line.

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Fashion footwear UGG boots shared a Page.
November 6, 2010

New spotted! Fashion UGG snow boots with high quality, reasonable prices and 24/7 services offered at http://www.snowbootsdance.com!

Gossip girl XOXO clothes
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Gossip girl XOXO clothes
Fashion footwear UGG boots
November 5, 2010
Useful advice of maintaining UGG boots

First,white snow boots

1, white snow boots vamp: remember, with white toothpaste + water + soft brush + natural air! Certain oh, other detergent or washing powder on non-ferrous composition makes its dyeing, so, toothpaste, best to white that!!!

2, white boots cone: do methods such as vamp (see a, 1) bubble to water to wash in 80% dry must pay at...tention to shoes to finalize the design, or it will look wrinkle, general is ok.

3, white snow boots fur: use the colorless transparent twist + + + water gently rub gently twist off moisture + natural drying, 80% dry, usable blowback + small fur make fur finalize the design, then natural air can;

Second, light winter boots

1, light color of camel's hair, gray, (beige, pink, blue, etc.) vamp, if not special besmirch, ordinary water + soft brush + natural air instantly! , special besmirch please use transparent detergent + soft brush + natural air,

2, light color boots canister, do methods such as vamp (see 2, 1) attention to twist dry time don't want too hard causes shoes deformation, dried to 80% of attention to finalize the design, or shoes will wrinkle oh ~, generally not the whole shoe bubble to water to wash is not so trouble, vamp brush, work very quickly.

3, light snow boots fur, do methods such as white snow boots fur (see A, 3),

Thirdly, brunet snow boots

1, brunet (brown or coffee, black, red, etc.) vamp: do method reference light (see 2, 1) but notice must not use contain bleaching composition of detergent

2, brunet boots cone: pay attention not to use contain bleaching composition of detergent

3, brunet short ugg fur: do method (see two reference light color, 3), be careful not to use contain bleaching composition of detergent

To summarize, need to prepare

1, soft brush

2, water

3, toothpaste or excluding bleaching composition of detergent

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Album cute UGG
Fashion footwear UGG boots added 2 new photos — with Feng Yao.
November 5, 2010
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Fashion footwear UGG boots
November 5, 2010
Knowledge of authentic UGG boots

Let’s share some knowledge of authentic UGG boots to UGG fans here.


1. from the price terms. Because discount ugg  raw materials are very expensive, is the Australian pieces of whole lamb artist, fur leather soles integration, there are special structure, even by ugg production factory factory-gate prices won't be 1200 that everyone please mm mu...st remember that "make you enchanted price" buy back of ugg absolute is a fake.


2. Color from speaking. The names ugg, color is very positive, ugg website color shall prevail. And internal woolly color and outside it's the same color.


3. from the ugg shoes model speaking. Surface tactility is also quite exquisite soft, shoe model also relatively delicate fine. The inside of the shear flocking neatly, density length uniformity, feels very soft and comfortable, barefoot wear very comfortable.


4. from the shoes tectonic speaking.

 a. The inner circumstance also sews laundry water mark (above style, name, number, material qualitative, code number, origin, etc.)

b. Box sets a standard (upper lateral stick marked design name, number, color, size, male or female) installed

c. Into pairs of shoes of the same parts should be consistent and color decorative pattern should be consistent and shoes head length, then put height should agree.

d. Vamp sewing machines line is basically the same, no needle jumping, leakage, needle disconnected.

e. Shoes inside and outside neat, smooth, without shrinkage deformation.

f. UGG sole have 'R "login identification and must have UGG bailey button mark.

g. Ugg traditional shoe model of trademark behind heel place (ugg trademark) slippers, household shoe's trademark machine invented in shoes skin.

h. All the products are ugg handcraft

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Album cute UGG
Fashion footwear UGG boots added 3 new photos.
November 5, 2010
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