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Putain des Palaces Etat Libre d`Orange for women

Putain des Palaces Etat Libre d`Orange for women

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I have it: 327 I had it: 99 I want it: 331 My signature: 3

main accords powdery leather floral animalic musky amber Pictures Putain des Palaces Etat Libre d`Orange for women Pictures Putain des Palaces Etat Libre d`Orange for women Pictures

Sheer sensuous fantasy. The powdered top note evokes a woman who dresses for seduction – a soft trail of lipstick, the rustling of lace. The intimate ritual of a femme fatale who sees right through the fragile armour of men. Her sophistication is intriguing, as is the commerce she makes of her body. Under the bitter-sweet touch of almond, like a secret that unfolds, comes a hint of supple leather, fluid and flexible, that introduces what is to come : a boudoir, fingers that tighten on a leatherette sofa and the palpable presence of raw desire. Doesn’t every woman have the fantasy of being a temptress in a hotel bar, of yielding to desire in the intimacy of a lift or of giving way to sensuality in silk sheet luxury ?

Composition: Rose absolute, violet, leather, lily of the valley, tangerine, ginger, rice powder, amber, animal notes...

Nose for this fragrance is Nathalie Feisthauer. Putain des Palaces was launched in 2006.

Perfume rating: 3.82 out of 5 with 605 votes.

Fragrance Notes

Leather Ginger Amber Mandarin Orange Violet Lily-of-the-Valley Rose Powdery Notes Musk

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User votes
poor 8  
weak 10  
moderate 44  
long lasting 22  
very long lasting 13  


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User votes
soft 27  
moderate 46  
heavy 28  
enormous 18  


This perfume reminds me of   True Lust Rayon Violet De Ses Yeux 12 no yes


Putain des Palaces Fragrance Reviews


First impression:
Old fashioned lady wearing lots of powder and vintage lipstick.

Lady wearing clean powder with something rosy. Can not wait what´s next!

A soft, classy suede. Spicy, sweet, jammy rose is there too and make up but mostly suede.
This juice just needs some time to evolve.

I am almost anosmic to a lovely Iris Prima by Penhaligon`s (Poof! it's gone), so this is a great long lasting suede scent for me.

2017 Mirabele

it is a nice scent but i don't find it as sexy as it may sound from the description. To me, it is rather a lipstick scent. it is powdery rosy leathery creation. i like it but i see from the first testing that i wouldn't be able to wear it often, too much rose and too much fruity aspects for my liking. i was happy to test it anyway, it has many nice qualities. the powdery aspect isnt too bothering, the leather is soft, more like suede to me. the scent is definitely not for me, but i think many may like it, especially those who enjoy vintage lipstic, makeup powder kind of scents and don't mind a bit of leather.

UPD. i hold on to my sample and kept using it time after time until i started to think i need a bottle anyway. i have ordered one and it is on its way to me. i am very curiuos how it will smell fro a spray bottle. i am hoping for more leather and less rose.

2017 UnearthlyApothecary

This is a very feminine and ladylike rose and powder that faintly reminds me of Lalique Perles with a bit of animalic skank in the form of leather and musk. I also love that little bit of ginger spice. This is a beautiful scent, I don't find this at all whore-Ish, I think this scent more embodies the earthy sensuality present in every woman beneath the ladylike exterior.

2017 BloomPerfumeryLondon

Putain des Palaces at first sniff seems to be a typical feminine perfume however as it unfolds it reveals a slightly powdery and sensual leathery base.

2017 emyalda

I disliked this when i first tried it but held on to my sample and am trying it again
This is starts off with intense leather and musk along with a sweet/sourness.
The smell of powdery makeup is also present.
But as it warms up on the skin, it starts to become smooth and nutty.
Along with an animalic undertone that smells a little like cat fur or warm skin?
Im not sure how I'm getting sweet nuttiness but i like it and actually enjoyed this scent a lot more throughout.
This sits very close to the skin though, which i don't mind either.
Im going to use up my sample and who knows this might end up hooking me.

2017 gtabasso

a vanillic, powdery, soft musk with hint of violet and leather; definitely a soft skin floral that's not sweet; very sexy and animalic

2017 mendwillie

Powder with a lovely blend of velvety leather, this works so well with amber and violet, this is very nice, beautiful fragrance.

I evaluate this:
Smell: 9/10
Projection: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10

2017 fyrewoman

Moderate sillage with 6 hours of wear.

I've had this for over 2 months now with 5 separate days of trying this out. At first 2 sprays out of the shower was not so impressive with projection. Today i have 5 sprays on after a shower with non scented soap and lotion and find the more sprays the more fulfilling.

I'm finding this to be booziest in the beginning. There is that lipstick face powder vibe i love along with traces of stale bar-smoke and whiskey still on my heavily applied vintage lipstick.

After a while the bar smoke and whiskey sweat lightens up a bit and i feel more of a rich creamy lotion along with the boudoir powder and 80's lipstick.

I love it. The lipstick slightly reminds me of L'ange Noir and Lipstick On which i also have bottles of but this differs from those by maintaining the boudoir powder and boozey element.

I'm not particularly finding the spice to be cumin like other reviewers but if it's there it not as gross as it sounds to me. There is a "sweating out whiskey" aspect that i find amusing. It puts me in a place as if i'm heavily made up, with make up, while sitting at the bar for many hours having a few snifters of quality whiskey while gently sipping each drink slowly as i chat away with cigarette smoke all around me.

Not predominantly getting rose, but it's there. Great blind buy for me.

2017 Eupatoria

The eponymous putain retired a long time ago and is now a married, clean-living vegan who spends her days going to yoga and whose craziest indulgence is absinthe tastings. In fact, there was never really a putain -- the most scandalous thing she has done in her life was a boudour photo shoot she did with her now-husband, even thought she likes to pretend she used to get around and had the craziest semester abroad in Paris (when she hooked up with one Frenchman because he paid for her dinner).

Talk about an anticlimactic name -- companies should really save names like that for truly scandalous perfumes. This one is not even a little bit scandalous. In fact, if you want a powdery, warm perfume that is work-appropriate -- try this one. It doesn't make me want to 'dress for seduction,' like the website claims -- I am totally fine matching this with my Armani suit.

I have never been a huge fan of État Libre d'Orange, but when a local Sephora started carrying the brand, I thought I would give it another chance and asked for a sample, which they very nicely provided.

It is a very feminine scent that smells like old-school makeup (including obligatory rose and violet, although it opens with a bit of ginger candy). I would call it sexual, but not necessarily sexy -- it's not an in-your-face-type of smell, but it is clearly meant to be an attractive one. It's just too clean to evoke the image it promises.

It is modern enough that is doesn't make one think of old-school Hollywood (that's actually an impressive achievement), but it does have that timeless elegance. It is not a soubrette scent, but a full-blown coloratura one -- it has a personality. But not too much of it. I don't even get the promised 'animal notes' -- it would perhaps benefit from some.

Honestly, were it not for the name, I would have loved this a lot more. It's a balanced perfume that is powdery without bringing grandma's closet to mind. It is sweet, but just enough. It has a lot of body without being too heavy. All of those are quite a feat. I may buy it if I can get past the name-related disappointment.

Average sillage.

Update: I sprayed this on mindlessly the other day, and I thought I was wearing Kilian's Back to Black (another strangely named perfume!) -- it's the same honey / powder note. The similarity is much more apparent when the weather is cold, and other notes open up differently when it's warm out.

2016 Scrilla

Spicy lipstick! I like it. Would not go fb, tho.

2016 Arlene-Beatrix

It's leather, soft spicy scent. Lots of ginger, amber, musk. Barely any flowers. Also a lot of powder. Thanks heavens this scent is not suffocating. All in all, an interesting, sexy scent.

2016 mirrorghost

i am a lover of powdery scents as well as violet and leather, therefore excited to try this one. opens up super powdery with a hint of...something i can't quite place. the amber and violet bloom next adding their own dimensions to the powder, then the rose comes along adding more of a floral element. i don't seem to get any leather, but it's mostly powder, amber and rose. this doesn't smell like VW boudoir necessarily, but it does have a similar feeling to it, like the scent of perfume left behind on a silky blouse. after more time on the skin the scent gets a note of creamy violet that is just beautiful, almost like violet cake frosting.

2016 black_orchid

This is not love or hate perfume! This is not extreme or hard to wear perfume too. It is just shameless, immoralist but easygoing! I do love it!

2016 Salvas

One might expect Putain des Palaces to be a dirty scent but when you smell it, you don't get that feeling. On the contrary this smells rather smart and elegant. A soft powdery rose/violet combo with subtle animalic and leathery notes in the background.
This is the story of the femme fatale ready to meet his new prey. A sensual girl wishing to release her sexual feelings. A free fragrance made to express his own fantasies. There's something challenging and provocating to wear that makes it respectful. Smooth drydown and beautiful juice.

2016 Tiwalii

Based on the perfume name I expected this to be outrageous. But I already own both Boudoir by Westwood and Bal a Versailles, so it takes a lot of skankiness to impress me. ;)

The perfume starts off with that intimate, slightly sweaty after sex, skin smell that you would expect from a name like Putain des Palaces (The Palace Whore), but it actually quickly goes away.

Towards the heart the scent smells more like warm, blushing skin covered with expensive perfumed powder. It's a beautiful understated sexiness of powdery violets and sensual leather.

It smells like being at Versailles in the 1700's. Beautiful embroidered silk gowns, white powdered wigs, pale skin, blushing cheaks, beauty marks, lace fans. It smells like flowers from the Versailles gardens, old makeup and secret seduction behind heavy velvet curtains.

That warm powdery smell lingers, and in the drydown it turns into this lovely soft vanillic veil.

Sillage starts off medium, but dries down to a soft skin scent. Longevity could be better. On me it lasts about 6 hours.

This is a very nice scent, and a lot more wearable than I anticipated. But since I allready own scents with a similar vibe and based on the same kind of concept, I feel I don't need this in my collection. :)

2016 thediamondsea

Hmmm . . . violets and leather. Do you think . . . could it be . . . Jolie Madame this time?

Here's ELdO from its earlier days, doing what they did best then, riffing on a classic fragrance from one of the great French houses. The joke usually goes like this: simplify and sweeten, then add a note of something spicy, noxious, or odd. Add a name that somehow indicates what you've done, preferably in an allusive pun. Stir and serve up something that might be good kicky fun to wear, even if most of the punters don't get the punch line.

In this case, Jolie Madame loses its bracing tannins and chypre structure. It gains a whole gob of powder and lipstick notes on the top. A distinct hit of cumin hints at a gourmandy type of sweat. The composition stays sweet despite the touch of spice. What I get on my skin is an interesting twist on the recent trend for skanky florals: there's nothing indolic here for the skanky notes to blend with, but that adds to its charm in my eyes. I like violets, lipstick, leather, and powder, especially when they last as long as this stuff does.

Is this joke puerile? Absolutely. (Jolie *Madame*? Hotel *Whore*? Get it?) Is this perfume challenging? Nope. Even if the joke extends to the juice, and it does, you don't need to know everything I just told you to enjoy this. Violets and powder are always an easy sell for me in any form. I'd be happy to smell like this lady of the night; call me Madame.

2016 globus pallidus
globus pallidus

Honestly, I find it not nearly as raunchy as many seem to. Apart from a pleasantly spicy bite of cumin and ginger during the first 20-30 mins or so, it's nothing but lovely powder and the jammy-fruity common denominator of violet and rose. A variation on the "Lipstick Rose" theme, but a good one.

2016 ouladybird2005

Putain des Palaces, though in reference to ladies of poor reputation (of which I was lectured by my mom's best friend that I would wear such a fragrance) smells more like a lady in waiting to Marie Antoinette at her mansion Petit Trianon, walking through a field with violets in it lined with rose bushes. the scent right at the nozzle is violet leaf to my nose, slightly green and bitter with a hint of the flower, only once it is on my skin for a few minutes does the violet flower appear. Keep in mind this lady in waiting is still wearing her powder, and that note comes in very softly and she seems to be carrying some of the roses she has picked on her walk. The leather note referenced in the notes listing seems almost transparent though, just a hint in the whole composition. At the base, though it is not listed I think I almost smell the creaminess of sandalwood, but that might just be the combination of the amber, powder and musk. A lovely composition, there is a reason why I started with a sample and had to get a bottle.

2016 diedofennui

I adore a previous reviewer's comment about saloon girls and cowboys. A wonderfully apt description for a tiptoeing scent that feels like it contains worlds. In my world la putain is a court lady in Versailles, wearing violet silk and a rouged red lip, her face powder and rose oil mixing with the scent of church incense during mass. Fanciful? Certainly. Fun? Oh yes.

I don't find anything dirty about this scent. Sensual without a doubt, but la putain is meticulously powdered and pompadoured, not redolent of sex.

Extremely delicate, smokey, beautiful.

2016 LoriAlyse83

I totally get the connection to Citizen Queen but only for the first few minutes then they develop in opposite directions on my skin. I have them both and am comparing them on each wrist.
CQ turns very powdery and floral, with almost a Meteorites vibe but sweeter. But PdP turns very animalic and raunchy. Someone below dropped the "coochie" reference and I couldn't agree more. A very naughty girl indeed! lol ❤

2016 Danadoo

I really wanted to like this, but somehow it manages to make powder and violets completely overwhelming and i am a lover of strong perfumes! It smells like the old Revlon Moon Drops lipstick from back in the day, in fact I even compared the 2 of them and could hardly smell the difference. I feel like I'm supposed to be impressed with this brand but so far I'm underwhelmed. Luckily I just bought the sampler.

2016 polly golightly
polly golightly

non proprio il profumo che mi aspettavo dal nome, tantomeno dal brand che si pregia di realizzare sempre accordi provocatori al limite dell'indossabile. è poco indossabile per me, quello sì, ma semplicemente perchè le note iniziali intossicanti e dolciastre di zenzero e rosa, benchè poco persistenti, proprio non piacciono al mio naso. la fragranza di evolve poi sul polveroso spinto, sorretto dalla violetta per concludersi su un cuoio ambrato, ad evocare l'atmosfera della stanza di prostitute d'altri tempi. non troppo originale e neppure gradevole per me. se volete davvero l'impressione di una casa chiusa pre-legge Merlin, mi pare più credibile Une fleur de cassie di frederic malle.

2016 Cloudburst2000

I love this scent even though powdery fragrances aren't usually my thing. Yes, the name of the scent translates to something like 'hotel whore' but it is not 'slutty' by today's standards. This is a scent that I think invokes what an old West brothel would have smelled like. The brothel whores all powdered and perfumed up and sitting on the laps of the cowboys wearing their leather chaps. So we get that explosion of powder and some floral from the girls with a hint of leather from the cowboys.

This fragrance is very powdery but it works here. The powdery note blends well with the flowers and ginger. Then the scent get a bit darker, warmer as the musk and amber come out to play. I also get a punch of leather at first spritz but it dies down quickly and then just stays a hint of leather in the background. The only note that I cannot really detect is the orange. A nicely blended fragrance that while it is not a 'slutty' fragrance does somehow invoke the feel of the time period when this would have been a slutty fragrance. There is just something a bit mysterious and sexy about this fragrance. My boyfriend loves it on me and says it is one of my sexiest fragrances. I get decent longevity of about 6 hours and decent projection from moderate to heavy.

2016 Museumgal

A lot of powder in the opening, then lipstick floral with violet dominant. The powdery quality of the violet mixes well with the powder notes. Something animalistic and raw in the drydown. Extremely well blended scent. Beautiful!

2016 Strange_Alchemy

*heart eyes*

The secretive scent of violets, red lipstick - the classic crimson kind that comes in a metal bullet - a suede minidress, and clean sweat.

It smells like a night out when you know before you leave the house that you will not return alone. It's sex in a bottle, and its fabulous. It starts out quite ladylike, but the dry down gets a bit raunchy with the animalics. It's frankly suggestive.


2016 gmstrack

Given the onslaught of oud-based fragrances launched over the past few years, one could conclude that any perfume house that jumps on the bandwagon might be considered basic or derivative. Etat Libre d'Orange has proven time and time again that they do not want to be one of the popular kids—oud might as well be a pair of Uggs worn with yoga pants and it is best to avoid at all cost. But then I sniffed Putain des Palaces and realized that “animal notes” is a euphemism for oud notes. That’s right, our charming PdP is a benzoin bomb with a dash of oud and a sprinkle of rose and violet. The “animal notes” stick around for about an hour and then the whole composition mellows down to a sweet, cozy amber that is anything but naughty. So yes, PdP is a textbook amber-oud marketed to women, but in the end, it won me over because it smells dang good.


2015 Athingforjaz

Somebody else mentioned curry. Well, on me I get straight-up cumin. It smells uncannily like opening a bottle of ground cumin when I make taco seasoning. Perhaps cut with a bit of baby powder?

This is the first ELDO that I've not liked (and I've tried a lot!). Definitely a scrubber for me.

2015 mlleplateaux

One of my top picks so far from ELdO. My personality suits it -- ladylike, a little old school, and a subtle dark edge. I have applied it very lightly and I'm not getting anything too animalic or dirty. It may also be working nicely because the weather is cool. I don't think it would behave as well in the summer (as someone else was able to conclude). I like rose on me as a day scent in the winter, and the leather and amber make it wearable in the evening. (Usually amber isn't my thing, but it works here.) Perfectly reliable scent for me -- for the fall/winter season!

UPDATE: Bought FB and I'm quite happy. The musk/leather is quite a kick to the stomach (even a tiny spray), at close quarters it can be overwhelming! But it's a perfect balance to the big-diva pairing of rose and violet. It is quite sexual, but it's one of the only ultra-femme perfumes I can really adore, as its boldness is so well constructed. The mandarin-ginger is also key here in keeping such a feminine bomb a bit fresh.

2015 DamonAlbarn

Reminds me so much of one of my other favorites, Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania. Both of them have that contrast of smoky, burning leather, and innocent powdery notes. Perfect for bundling up in colder months. For the price, however, I'll stick to the original which is more complex.

2015 jockinjb

All I get is old-school baby powder. It smells like a clean baby diaper. No thanks!

2015 RubyBirdy

There's some SERIOUS funk in this one and I can't really decide if I find it sexy or not. It's not gag-inducing sweat, but it's a little dirty and I could see how someone would find it unpleasant. Combined with the leather note, I'm thinking it's a sweaty saddle smell.

I didn't smell much powder for the first few minutes, but then it came in strong. I definitely get a hint of curry, like garam masala. The rose reminds me of the one in Agent Provocateur, just less overwhelmingly powerful (and thus less nauseating). Or perhaps a dirtier version of Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir.

I...I can't decide if I like this! I wouldn't buy a bottle of it, but it might be fun now and then to spray lightly if the mood took me there.

2015 Peachysugarbuns

Putain des Palaces features heaps of face powder, that soft scent that old lipsticks used to have, pillowy violet and a brush of velvety rose. It is, like many powdery fragrances, cozy and comfortable for me. I don't get a ton of animalic/leather when I wear this, but they're there - there is definitely a full background supporting all that powder. Gorgeous.

I wear this fragrance all the time even though it seems to be described as a "private" scent or a scent used for imagination-sparking purposes. It suits the fabrics I wear (lace tops, leather jackets, mohair sweaters and tights) and my lifestyle. Putain des Palaces is bold and gentle at the same time - my favorite dichotomy in women's perfume. I love it.

2015 Iolobach

This is just unbearable! No animal at all. This is the kind of perfume 4 year old girls would plaster themselves in whilst dressing up in mummy's shoes and wearing her make up, making them feel so grown up. Flowery, sweet, powdery nonsense. It really does not live up to its name.

I really want to like Etat Libre de Orange. I love the stories, the packaging, the perfume names, but even clever marketing can't salvage these poor passionless products.

It's also a real bastard to scub off too!

2015 beth54

There is definitely a powdery make-up scent that I find very comforting and enjoyable to wear. Lately every new scent I try has been rejected by my very picky and critical husband. Today he actually complimented me on my fragrance! I've finally found something he likes! I ordered a full bottle and can't wait to get it! I find the dry-down especially delightful. I also love the name! I know that I'll enjoy owning this!

2015 framorena

Shalimar is something close and MUCH MORE dirty than this, really, you could never think of a Putain, unless a sooooo young and "untouched" one, at her first experience... but I love PdP all the same! I recently discovered I better like leather or suede scents in summer, yes, mediterranean hot summer, when you start to sweat only if your brain imagines to go out in the morning; well, this kind of perfumes make me think to a pleasant sweet soft female skin, whose smell comes out due to the hot temperature, instead of zesty-minty ones (that bored me... is it possible none kind else of scents in summer!!?), while I deserve frangipane-coconut scents for the day.
So, during evening summer, I find so good to wear someting like Cuir Blanc by Evody, Shalimar, Cuir Fetiche or this.
Maybe it's my skin to allow me this choise, and I' m grateful, but try, maybe yours will be able too...

2015 mabelcruet

This is the first fragrance that made me regress to being a 6 year forced to eat sprouts...no, no, its yucky, urrgh, don''t want to!!

Just awful on me I'm afraid. It was sort of a fruity curry for the first 10 minutes, then dried to a sour milk and baby powder with a hint of sweat mix that smelled exactly like baby vomit. I'm sorry, I don't want to offend anyone who loves this fragrance, but no, absolutely no way, never again.

I lasted about 3 hours with it and it turned thicker and 'claggy' and caught at the back of my nose, and went creamy sour, like milk left too long in the sun. After that I scrubbed it off, I couldn't face any more so I don't know how long it lasts or what happens after 3 hours.

I love the history and the stories behind their fragrances, and I love what Etat Libre d'Orange are doing, but not this one.

2015 pauroj

oh my god wait for the drydown, because the begining is pure cumin .......and yes it smells very how can i say well it does give a coochie vibe , the drydown is al powder and some lipstick (think revlon) thrown in a make up bag , is nice not super difficult to pull off , but not something i reach for often.

2015 LaviniaMidnight

Very powdery. It reminds me of the smell of the inside of a purse with a jumble of scents; face powder, lipstick, fruit gum, and a light smell of cigarettes with a wisp of past perfumes mixed in. Not something I will buy or wear but I appreciate the artistry.

2015 nataliem

Powdery musk, of the clean deodorant variety. Where is the skanky sex I was promised? This is the sort of thing I would wear to work, except I really can't, because apparently one person's inoffensive and powdery is another's DTF. Awkward.


Assomiglia tantissimo a citizen queen di juliette has a gun e a lipstick rose di malle...tanto tanto

2015 sleepy*weasel

Leathery floral. Weird! Tangerine plus flowers makes an odd, intriguing contrast with powdery leather. First application, the leather gradually disappeared leaving a rather nice and realistic tangerine, in fact that bit of the dry-down made me hungry. Second application several hours later, the leather remained to the end. As for the whole thing, I could not have imagined such a thing until I smelled it. 10/10 for novelty and skill. But it’s not a perfume I can imagine wearing very often. I generally like it; maybe one for the “once in a while” shelf. :)

2015 nero77

Powdery Violets...

Putain des Palaces is a name which conjures up images of "brothel whores", with powdered makeup and overt sexuality, both in attire and attitudes. But this fragrance really smells nothing like that. As with many (but not all) of the Etat Libre d'Orange line, this has a provocative name and bottle packaging which does not reflect the smell of the liquid inside.

Putain des Palaces opens up with a very juicy note, which I can only imagine is the combination between the mandarin orange and the ginger, combined with the violets. It gives everything a very "fresh" vibe which I like very much. Then the powder comes in, rose absolute, sweet violet and ambery musk-like powder, which nearly dominates the fragrance. Personally I like it, and do not find it too powdery for my taste, but I could see why other people might. There is also lilly-of-the-valley here, which combined with the powdery rose and violets, give this more of an "antique" fragrance smell, more associated with the old fashioned, conservative female floral perfumes of the past. However in true Etat Libre d'Orange style, it's still wearable... as they know how to balance the line between controversy and convenience.

I think this one is very accessible, as long as you are ok with a little dusty powder and slightly "old smelling" florals. Personally I think this one is quite nice, and for me, very wearable. But as with all fragrances from this house, sample and test before buying.

2014 gabri11e

This seems to be one of those highly polarized scents that comes off differently on different people.

On me, it sure lives up to its name! I love this in the summer, when all the notes come out to play. It's powdery, leathery and full of violets, for sure. But it's got that ever-famillar skank note in it. That touch of...."familiarity". Although it's gentle, I would not wear this to the office. At all. But oh, do I love this concept and scent!

2014 fraspoki

Putain? The name is much more powerful than the smell itself. The slut is not very slutty. Maybe today she decided to visit her grandma? She bought violets, put on her bonnet and used tons of powder. Some lipstick as well. The smell reminds me of "Drole de Rose" by l'Artisan, but without any green and crisp notes.
Extremely pleasant, though.

2014 Guest_Colin Maillard
Guest_Colin Maillard

Putain des Palaces by Etat libre d'Orange is a leather scent with fruits, rose-violet powdery notes, aldehydes, perhaps cedramber, an ambery-resinous sweet base and a couple of notes which honestly I can't identify: "something" quite pungent and sour, and "something" dusty but kind of sweet, like the smell of old paper (I guess it's that rice thing). Now, initially the composition seemed nice to me, as there is a lot of contrasts which are more "juxtaposed" than melted together; it may sound strident, but instead it works, and I appreciate the idea of working on "clashes" instead of harmonies - at least partially. The leather accord, for example, it's not a soft/plushy suede note as you would expect with fruity-floral notes; instead it's quite dry, dusty and austere, really synthetic and pungent. So this idea of working on bold contrasts is nice, but personally I don't find it particularly interesting or fascinating - or, to better say: it works... for a while, but once I got it, it's not enough to keep my interest "alive", and the scent starts to become a bit boring. Mostly because there is not much else, the scent is not particularly elegant or pleasant, the quality smells quite average (if not mediocre) and the evolution on my skin is almost absent. It's like going to see a comedian repeating the same sketch over and over. And that is the problem I have with other Etat libre d'Orange, as they seem to be unable (or unwilling) to, say, elaborate their "clever & provocative" ideas. Another niche scent featuring more smoke than "substance", but not among the worst ones of EldO.


2014 Musume

I think suggestion is a powerful thing, maybe if any of us smell this perfume without knowing the name we would never find the skanky notes, I tried to do an exercise of impartiality and reached the conclusion that this is a beautiful rose-violet perfume with a nice touch of rice powder and musk. Sexy in a flirty, but innocent way, maybe my skank-o-meter is very high, but I don't really find anything raunchy about this scent. For powdered skank I'd use some Boudoir, even Histoire de Parfums Moulin Rouge (now I can't remember the date lol), but not PdP. This putain is more a tease than anything else. Very pretty all in all.

2014 CourtneyBeth

Ugh. Smells exactly like baby wipes. Nothing interesting about it, honestly.

2014 fiouu

Love the name, the fragrance? It likes to slumber zzzzzzz. Powdery violet. Good? Not so much for niche. Bleh

2014 stacia79

All dolled up in her leather bondage gear and heavily baby powdered to prevent chafing.

2014 MyNoirBeehive

Whoa, no no no! I get a funky stink of BO wrapped in powdery amber, no thank you!
Putain des Palaces is a NO for me...

2014 icingsugar

All I get is powdery violet. I like violet, but I expected more umph.

2014 Q80

i really can't understand!! allot of reviews states it is powdery, lovely, and feminine!! but what i smell is nothing but a woman who had intermediate cardio workout and then sprayed flower fragrance while she was sweating!! exactly like trying to hide the smell of a sweaty armpit using a flower perfume!

if i meet any lady having this on, i'll definitely ask her to take a bath indirectly :p

2014 originaldeftom

Another Frederic Malle comparison: This smells like the feminine version of "Dans Tes Bras" which is very dense and dark violet with a dirty mushroom note.

This is far more light, ambery, musky, boozy, and I find that both main floral notes: the violet and the rose and beautifully blended and juxtaposed.

Both flowers are olfactory divas and demand their own space. In this concoction they are given ample room to exude their aura for you can really see them standing far apart with all the other ingredients, separating them.

Perhaps, the rose is the male component, the fainter part, meaning the protagonist of this story, still wears a bit of her male client's scent, while oozing plenty of her own (violet = feminine side).

The perfect "lady" to wear this would be Dita von These. In fact this should be her own scent. Her signature.

10/10 for a modern violet reference scent.

2014 alchemist1976stephanie

Very powdery amber that is very similar to BBW Sensual Amber, but a touch softer. Luckily, it changes just enough to become a soft, sweet and warm cozy scent. For me, it's very pretty but not different enough. Maybe once I'm out of the other one I will replace it with this.

2014 [email protected]

"mmmh tu sens bon, tu as mis quoi ce matin?
Putain des Palaces..."
the embarrassed faces I get for that reply are just...priceless :)
so far I get a lot of sweet violet, and it reminds me of my grand-mother (who was not a palace hooker, no no).
when I think of what a sex worker's perfume could be, or what a sexually open woman's perfume could be, I think of something muskier, or heavier on civet, I think of CK's Obession, for instance, indeed when I wear Obsession I feel hot & sexy.
Putain de Palaces is rather soft, harmless, and sweet.
I'm gutted, I tought everybody in the office would jump on me this morning :)

2014 lvscents

She paces to and fro following the scars on the old wooden floor. The faint sound of laughter reaches her ears from the tavern below. The logs crackle and shift in the fireplace. The flames of the candles dance showing the paths of the breezes that meander around the room.
The ring of hooves outside the window cause her to jump.
Merde! She has caught her silken gown on the thorns of the roses that the Inn Keeper's Wife had placed on her night stand earlier.
She pinches her cheeks, tugs at her tight bodice, takes a breath and closes her eyes.
The door handle rattles, she gasps but refuses the urge to open her eyes. Her heart races in anticipation of his warm breath on her neck, the soft whispers in her ear, the feel of his rough fingertips
trailing down her neck.
An alluring scent reaches her nostrils, the smell of his fast, galloping journey on the beautiful warm blooded stallion now being stabled in the courtyard of the Inn.
She trembles as she hears the jingling of buckles being undone, heavy clothing falling on the floor .. her breath quickens ...
.. and the rest is up to you!
I feel that this fragrance should be worn with it's name in mind and in situations to suit. It's very different and I love it.

2014 angelayio

warm, creamy, sweet, but most of all an airy scent. I tried it yesterday when I went to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel. Perfect choice, the PdP interpreted so literally the era of the movie and transferred me back in the 30s.

Edit after a few months.As you can see in my review above I couldn't understand how someone could find it offensive.Well now after quite a few uses I can say that there is something vile and vulgar in it. A cheap, in your face sexuality that makes me very uncomfortable. If I have to guess, I must have applied with very light hand that's why I did enjoy it the first times I wore it. Today was the last chance for me.I had to wash it off.

2014 Marquise

Sorry for that but I don't feel any temptation, probalby I should... Mandarin orange note is not sexy at all. Very powdery, theatrical, false. Suits to Drag Queen or horny old lady. :) Nothing crazy. It is original, but I'm disappointed. Maybe Putain tried to seduce, but it didn't work. :)

2014 beavisbonce

Mugler with balls. Literally. Take the deliciousness and addictiveness of angel but add freshly washed and aroused male genatalia. Its THAT musky. Horny as f***. A beautiful experience that I've never smelled in anything else. Plus it's a beast for sillage.